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Job Interview Tips and Tricks | GETTIK

How To Make a Good Impression in a Job Interview When it comes to getting a job, interviewing may seem like a secondary concern compared to your skills and education. However, the impression you make during an interview is extremely important because recruiters often...

How Does Weather Impact Our Lives and Health? | GETTIK

How The Weather Can Affect Your HealthThe weather may not only affect your daily life — it can also affect your health. From seasonal environmental changes to temperature shifts, the weather may play a role in health symptoms with direct or indirect physical, mental,...

What Causes Hair Loss in Women? | GETTIK

Why Is My Hair Falling Out? 5 Causes of Hair Loss in WomenWhile going through your morning routine and brushing your hair, it’s possible you may notice more hair left in your brush than you’re used to. Some hair loss is normal, but if you begin to notice signs of...

Unexpected Side Effects of Weight Loss | GETTIK

4 Weight Loss Side Effects Most People Don’t Expect Whether you’re starting a weight loss journey or you’re in the middle of one, you’re probably focussed on achieving an end goal — whether that be a number on the scale, the ability to run a marathon, or seeing...
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