Top Hairstyles For Women Over 50 in 2020 | Photos and video

Top Hairstyles For Women Over 50 in 2020 | Photos and video

Top Hairstyles For Women Over 50 And Who From Celebrities Use It

Here are some of the more appealing hairstyles for women over 50. A timeless, beautiful look is always cherished, and something women should strive for.

1. Favorite hairstyle for women over 50: BOB

One of my favorite looks for women over 50 is a Bob, there are so many options with Bobs. You can go with a classic bob but why, the length is great for lifting your face and giving a more youthful appearance.

Bob-a is a classic bob but with a shaggy bang, I love giving women the option of a bang as we age because you can soften some of the fine lines. You do need to be careful adding a bang to and older face because if the bang becomes too heavy or too solid it will block the face off and make the wrinkles more noticeable. Always think soft, flowing, movement are great words to keep in mind for older hair. So this bang I would add with a Razor to keep the ends wispy, I would also layer the bangs into the back and overextend some of the back into the front. This kind of layer is soft and subtle but keep the hair soft looking without the harsh lines.

Bob-b is very layered and a really fun option for hair, this is one of my favorite cuts for women of all ages but works really well for over 50. This bob has a Box layer, that is where the hair is pulled straight out from the head and layered, then brought straight up into a long layer position and laired again. The 2 areas are not blended so it leaves the top a bit longer then the bottom. This effect makes it look soft and movable but still short enough to not look weighed down. The next step in the layering is the sides are over extended into the back leaving the front area longer. This look looks great when done with a razor cut but it has to be the right hair type for the razor.

Bob-c is a regular classic long bob. This look should be just slightly under the chin for length. To make this better for over 50 is should have a slight layer added to it with some soft face framing layers in the front.

Bob-d and Bob-e I wanted to show what doing different kinds of layers to a bob can change the look completely.

When choosing a style always save a picture to your devise or print a copy up and bring it too your appointment. All stylists have different kinds of training so descriptive words can become confusing and that is where mistakes happen. All stylists are visual artistic people and pictures help us immensely when helping you choose a style.


Over 50 isn’t stigmatized like it used to be it is still young and you can really do anything you want with your hair but remember a few key tips to keep yourself looking young!

Have layers in your hair, don’t do sharp angles, keep hair soft looking not heavy. If you choose to have long hair make sure you have lots of movement (layers, face framing layers and or bangs but soft bangs) and spend the time to add waves and finish your look.

Both of these look are long both have layers in varying degrees and B has the perfect kind of bang for over 50 hair.

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Another look that looks great on women over 50 is a bit longer look but one with lots of layers.

Long Layer a is the perfect length, it is just slightly below the collarbone this look has a long layer and face framing layers. The long layers should only be in the bottom 3 or 4 inches of the hair but the face framing layers can be as many as you want. The length of her face framing layers are about her cheek length, she also has a soft long bang.

Long Layer b is a bit more of a classic long layer look. Her long layers again are about the bottom 3 to 4 inches of the length and her face framing layers are just below or right at the chin.

Long Layer c is a little bit shorter then the others, this length should be just above or right at the collarbone. She also has long layers in the bottom 3 to 4 inches, she does not have face- framing layers but you should finish the layers on the length around the sides as well.


that can be a couple of inches above your chest line to collarbone length. I think this gives women the most flattering length. It helps us life our face keep thing light and fresh and works well for volume.

I also think one of the best Go To styles is to stick to a pretty basic but always flattering long layer with face angling and shorter layers in the front area.

I also like a longer side bang, that gives women added softness around the face without cutting the face off with a full bang.

However long side bangs don’t work for all lifestyles if that is the case and you need/want a regular bang just make sure it is done with soft edges and has a layer to it to help it but light and airy.

These are all cut very similar with varying degrees of layers and bangs.


This is a fantastic look and striking at the same time.

The hair is blown out as the name suggests with luminous waves. It makes it stand out in the right way. If you start to include highlights into the mix (golden), you are going to look fantastic.

A celebrity who rocks this hairstyle would be Raquel Welch. It’s easy to the eyes, and she enjoys a gold tinge to her hair that emphasizes volume.


This is a look that has been made famous by none other than Michelle Pfeiffer who has earned acclaim for her charming hairstyle.

The ombre wave is subtle but aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

The goal is to create waves in one’s hair and go from “dark to light” color wise. So, with Michelle Pfeiffer, you are looking at the hair starting dark brown at the top and converting into a light blonde near the bottom. It’s a unique look and one that does add value to her overall appearance.


This is a look made famous by Suzanne Somers and is eye-catching, to say the least!

Suzanne Somers looks to rock a hairstyle where it adds volume to straight hair. She mixes short and long bangs and ensures the variation is what adds to her look. With Suzanne Somers, you are also looking at blonde hair, which pops out even more.

While the color doesn’t matter, it’s good to look into a lighter color for texture. It helps define the different bangs and how they join to create a “long shag.”


This is a classic look when it comes to top hairstyles for women over 50.

Diane Keaton loves the layered bob and has rocked it for a while due to how pleasing it is. The premise is to create a look that falls right under the jawline (i.e. bob) but has layers present. She mixes things up by having short-swept bangs near the front of her face.

This adds texture to the look in comparison to a straight bob as most women get.

If you want to gain a bit of “oomph” with your hairstyle, the side-swept bangs are a real winner.

Additional Recommendations

1) Long Layers (Madonna)
2) Gentle Waves (Dana Delany)
3) Loose Curls (Sarah Jessica Parker)
4) Wavy Lob (Glenn Close)

Each look is unique and adds something to the celebrity’s appearance. If you want something that resonates and adds personality to your appearance, these are the ones to go with.


This stunning haircut with subtle honey highlights and discreet layers looks incredible on fair complexions. To get the seamless style, your top layers are cut gradually shorter, while the longest locks must graze the shoulders. Besides the fact that it looks fabulous, the hairdo is also quite easy to maintain. Style the tips with a round brush and complete the look with side-swept bangs on the front.

Razor Cut German Red

With a gorgeous balayage of red tones, the German red is incredible with the razor cut short look, complete with a side-swept fringe. This is for the professional lady who prefers some character to her hairstyle and a quick styling in the morning.

Blonde Pixie Cut

Going short with the hair, and a very light blonde, this hairstyle is for the middle-aged woman who embraces her whites and wants to have a touch of fairy to them. It is a platinum blonde and perfect for a woman over 50 looking to make her age ambiguous.

Medium Length Soft Gold

Soft golden highlights add to the shoulder-length haircut with lighter ends, and a gentle look brings the age down to around 40 or 45, which is excellent as a hairstyle for ladies over 50.

Long Fringed Block Coloring

Reddish brown towards the ends, blonde on top, this fringed look is fascinating, to say the least, keeping lighter on top and going dark underneath. It can bring out the young adult in you.

Medium Fringed Lowlights

There are several highlights, which are often used to stylize the hair, but in this case, it is the lowlights that are especially interesting. An ashy darker blonde is straight and tousled, an exciting haircut for women above 50 that falls to the shoulders. It is great for ladies who want a youthful transformation.

Side-Swept Highlighted Short Hair

This style could bring a sense of maturity with the side sweep. Additionally, the blow out on chin-length highlighted blonde locks imparts a touch of youthfulness, bringing your age down to the 35 or 40s maximum.

Added Grey Highlights

Go shoulder-length with this style, as you spot a grey shift in your tresses that are precisely cut and blown out with beautiful layers for a truly gorgeous effect. The added highlights over the brows only soften the features more.

Balayage for Women Over 50

For the best hairstyles for ladies above 50 who have a special event to attend, bringing in major lowlights and highlights to curled, shorter and straightened hair is a must. In his style, the volume is the key. The asymmetrical cut adds superbly to the final effect.

Kris Jenner Glam

A darker colored pixie with a side sweep of the hair means that both the color and the cut bring a youthful glow to your middle-aged face. With some great genetics, you will look too incredible to be a grandmother.

Sun-Kissed Red Shine

Shoulder length, blow-dried perfectly and with a delightful reddish copper tint is all you require for a warm effect on your fair complexion. Women’s hairstyles over 50 could be super attractive if only they get this tint right.

High Contrast Ombre Balayage

It is amazingly youthful style with the side-swept hair is in beautiful balayage, the tips nearly white and the roots very dark. It surprisingly transforms you into what one would say “cool.” The young adults around you will be jealous of your sparkle here. Modern women over 50 deserve to be acknowledged when with taste.

Warm Red Pixie

This hairstyle idea is perfect for women of any age. It is about a slight tousle, lots of hairsprays and a rose blonde color that is simply too lovely to pass up. Add a side sweep and pixie cut to the mix, and you have an impressive outcome with that unruly hair of yours.

Beachy Blonde Balayage

Greying golden balayage and pixie cuts look rather attractive together as a slightly good hairstyle for women above 50. Beachy hair and disheveled in the layered cut, the haircut is fitting for those who are both youthful and confident in her age as well.

Curling Blonde and Chic

This style suits the fun and sassy woman over 50 who prefers to welcome herself without letting go of her personality. Waves and curls to a light blonde hair color look like the perfect thing, with the hair itself styled to around just below the ears. Add in red lipstick and red frames for glamour look that screams classy sass.

Simple Blonde Bob

Your natural light wave with beautiful blonde highlights on a chin-length bob seems quite lovely and is easy to handle as well. There’s an absolute gentleness to wearing a similar haircut after the age of 50.

Razor Undercuts

If you are blonde with a darker base, you look amazingly good on a razor undercut that adds dimension and volume to your overall appearance. It easily shaves off 3-5 years from your age.

Steel Magnolia Bob

Who said that hairstyles for women over 50 could not include mermaid hair? Super shiny and with a silver head, this hairstyle is something that women can wear as they age. It can amazingly transform you into a gorgeous 35-40 years old lady.

Platinum with Grey Bob

Consider trying platinum blonde with grey and beige undertones if you are a woman who likes short bobs that are expertly blown out while embracing a more juvenile effect to your greys. The outcome will be mesmerizing and makes for a sexy cougar look.

Rainbow Streaks

You may be getting older, but you once belonged to the ‘70s clan, where the colors of the rainbow were a definite. Now you are getting sweeter and softer with strands highlighted from blond to bluish gray over chestnut locks. There’s an entire youthfulness and very little succumbing to the social pressures of what an aging woman’s hair should ideally look like.

Gentle Shoulder Length Waves

A little to one side is the part here. A lovely highlight is added to the brown hair, while waves catch the light for the cooler blonde that is included. The shoulder-length softens the face and discloses the outer beauty to match that inside.

Golden Balayage

When we turn grey, the golden colors that are a little on the cooler side become more common. However, a shoulder-length bob that has a gorgeous side sweep and lovely layers make it look all the better. You will never reveal your real age with this exceptionally stylish style that can be worn during the day or at night.

Waves Down Shoulders

While most of the hairstyles mentioned previously are super short, we also decided to include those that are a bit longer, with a gorgeous balayage and soft natural waves that most teenagers would love to do just about anything for. Within the blonde category, this style has a sense of maturity to go with its juvenile nature.

Red Balayage

Coppery autumn and sunsets days come to mind with this particular combination of cut and color, the more extended bob appearing to have shadowy roots. It seems very interesting and would never reveal the age of a woman after 50 years.


When we think of beachy waves, usually it’s long hair that comes to our mind. You can use this idea with a shorter bob that involves lovely highlights and root shadows. It has a delicacy about it that also feels somewhat fresh. It’s a perfect look for any woman over 50 with a sense of beach style! Baby lights at their best!


For women above 50, fine strands and thinning hair might be a problem with wrong color and cut. The platinum blonde with a touch of grey is perfect to cover your aged look without losing grace and beauty. A nice short-in-the-back side parted look is just what the dermatologist and beauty doctor recommended for an aging woman.


Light tips and dark roots go hand in hand here on the rose gold pixie style. It looks very youthful with its sunlight balayage and takes very little taking care. The color of the rose gold is also made to match the tone of the skin, brightening up the face.


It is just adorable to have a bronzing rose gold hair color to your volumized hair. Add thick bangs and short layers to the mix, while letting the curls fall on your shoulders for an appearance that is just perfect for a night out. It’s beautiful, to say the least.


Dark at the roots and grey on the crown and along the back of the head! Short and Grey hair has never been so lovely, and it minimizes the aging process while highlighting the beauty of a lady’s features as well as her charm. If you have extra piercings in your ears, it will only enhance the coolness rating of this hairstyle for women over 50 years old.

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At mid-length, it’s hard to miss the summer blonde hue of this simple cut. It is mainly for the woman who has multiple things to do to care about styling it up but still wants a youthful appearance with a little maintenance. The light blond color can hide white hair, while the shoulder length highlights the young woman in you.


Short hair with a grey and blonde tint, the ends at the length of the chin and the tresses treated to a lovely blow out looks amazing as well. No matter your age, you can have fun with your hair, and this one indeed is not a bland look to try. The texture in the highlights adds remarkably to its allure.


Have you thought of a blush color for your short hair that is quite easier to maintain? Balayage in soft greys and pinks makes for a color that lets you stand out while adapting perfectly to any society. You shall be the granny the little ones are thrilled to call a “fashion-forward lady.”


Voluminous straight hair with a buzz to the nape get a modern upgrade with this blue-grey-purple tone that stands out easily in the balayage color haircut pages. Make sure what you adopt is just as futuristic and fashion-savvy as you have made your hair.


When given curling texture, a white blonde with grey balayage looks amazingly good, tendrils are left open to frame the face, and a braid is converted into a bun for its final effect. It’s a classy and lovely look, and fits perfectly with the ideal of a woman with long hair over 50 years.


A bowl cut with perfectly straight strands and razed nape receives a modern upgrade with a deep coppery red balayage, the finish reminiscent of a high school nerd who simply knows it all. You will appear cultured and intelligent with this particular haircut for women over 50 years old.


A beautiful short haircut that is full of lovely highlights and layers that look entirely natural is exactly what the beauty police ordered. You can appear youthful while embracing your intelligent behavior through maturity. Besides, it is a game of dark and light, which perfectly captures the sunlight.


The soft waves mark the beauty of this adorable grey hairstyle perfect for women above 50. It allows you to enjoy your greys while still looking youthful, with a character and full volume that speaks of class and poise.


Cut to below length of the chin and painted a light platinum blonde, the shades we get here are those of a woman who will be forever young. There’s something to be said about hiding grey tone in a white blonde. Additionally, the voluminous straight locks are are too adorable to let them pass.


Darker and light grey strands meet in a lovely flipped end long haircut, falling on the shoulders to the blades in the back. It gives you the opportunity to pack it in a bun or to tie it up, as well as to leave it down with its grey balayage standing out. It is perfect for a woman who appreciates her healthy aging!


A short lob with an irregular fringe in a warm chestnut tone adds a touch of risqué to your ‘do and brings color into your face. It is a modern touch to a classic style, undoubtedly one of the best hairstyles for middle-aged women, which will always be part of our repertoire.


Do you prefer a nape-length long bob that you can blow-dry to perfect but that’s more of a silvery grey than a blonde? This is probably the right choice for you then, enjoying the maximum lack of pigmentation while making sure the hair on your head looks healthy and fresh throughout the day.


It is almost white textured and cut with a side fringe that seems genuinely graceful; this look is for the dominant woman who manages quite a lot in her life. Tint the eyebrows dark for an even younger impression.


With silver gray roots and white ends, this extra short haircut looks pretty amazing. Show off your style by embracing your age while making it easy to take care of your hair. This is an excellent appearance and a beautiful play on a grandmother’s classic ‘do.


It is a great hairstyle for women over 50! The silver on the crown leads to a head full of grey, blown straight and cut to a beautiful angle to perfectly frame the face and amplify the best features. Keeping it grey shows a mature attitude while the volume in the crown adds to your healthy appearance.


Cutting your hair to make a V at the neck, this silver style is magnified with the use of silver shampoo and conditioner to eliminate potential brassiness from the hair and to keep up the highlights. With the crown of a bit lighter color, as well as the roots, there is a unique shine to this simply greyish silver appearance.


If you want to keep a warmer brown hue, but at strands that glow in the sun, a soft, blond highlight in dark brown makes sense. Cut like a blown out bob with side fringes and a touch of layering; you can quickly cover up those greys and look young while maintaining a shorter look.


Darker blonde hair having a short bob that has had the sides trimmed close to the skin creates a unique hairstyle for women above 50 years.  This modern effect adds to youthful appearance while adding volume to the crown.


The combination of gray and ice blonde of this angled bob style is great winter hair and reminds us of a white polar bear in the Arctic. Add volume to the style, cut at the height of the chin and at a slight angle, and highlight for a perfect outcome.


A beautiful short bob with grey ombre hair, darker towards the nape and lighter on the top, this is a fun and straightforward hairstyle for women over 50 years. It makes you stand out more and, instead of reducing your age, it simply adds smoothness to your plainly perfect appearance, no matter what your age.


An angled cut, blond reflections of ice cream and beautifully dark low lights; a lot of layers and volume on the margin … this is one of the best hairstyles for women over 50 that you can find, one that can be created by a great stylist. You will find yourself young and modern, while you also present a worldly and an intelligent person to those around you.


Consider the shape of your face and length of your neck while getting a curled out bob haircut, although this advice applies to all ages, it is much more recommended for women over 50 years. This haircut is simple but what makes it great is the flattering style that lends itself to mature women with thick hair.


No doubt, this hairstyle is very short, but Ellen Degeneres has lengthened it along her temples to add a feminine touch. This short haircut works just as well for women above 50 with glasses. With the hair combed away from your face, there is nothing to interfere with or to compete with your glasses.


This spiky and short haircut looks good for women above 50 with all kinds of hair textures that includes fine, thin hair or thicker hair. This style encourages other people to focus on your eyes and all the other prominent features of your face. You can add a side swept fringe to it to make this hairstyle more wearable.


A False Hawk hairstyle brings a sense of style and modernity to any lady who chooses to wear it. If you are a mature woman over 50, this haircut can make you appear younger and smarter. This hairstyle especially complements women above 50 with oval faces.

For top hairstyles for women over 50, you need to frame your face and make sure there’s lots of volume/texture. This is how you are going to add youthfulness to the look and make it pop. Those who ignore this will never get the style they desire.

The hairstyles recommended here are quality options and will work for everyone.

10 Ways to Build Confidence | How to Be More Confident | GETTIK

10 Ways to Build Confidence | How to Be More Confident | GETTIK

How to Be More Confident:
10 Ways to Boost Your Self-Esteem

Everyone has experienced a period of low self-esteem in their lives. Your self-esteem — how you feel about yourself and your capabilities — can have a major impact on your mental health. Low self-esteem can be linked to many negative outcomes including poor relationships, addiction, and mental conditions like depression and anxiety.

Do you suffer from poor confidence? If so, try the following approaches to boost your self-esteem.

1.  Visualize What You Want

Visualization is a powerful tool. When you visualize yourself achieving your goals, you experience the feelings of excitement and contentment that accompany success. Once you stop this practice, your subconscious will sense the disconnect, then push you to take actions to make those achievements a reality.

According to Psychology Today, “Brain studies now reveal that thoughts produce the same mental instructions as actions … Mental practices can enhance motivation, increase confidence and self-efficacy, (and) prime your brain for success … .” In short, visualizing yourself as successful primes your body to take action to become successful, giving you improved self-esteem.

Consider what specific goals you want to achieve. Imagine how your life will change when you do so. Where will you live, and who will you live with? How will your home look? Your goal is to be enveloped by the details. Get as specific as you can, then focus on the sensations you’ll experience. What will you see, hear, smell, taste, and feel?

By committing to this practice every day, you will reap the proven benefits of visualization. You’ll have the confidence to strive for your goals because you will have already experienced that success on a psychological level.

2.  Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

People develop routines based on paths of least resistance. We may avoid doing things we are unfamiliar with because we might fear failure or embarrassment. We may avoid going to unfamiliar places because we fear confusion or rejection. 

This avoidance becomes habitual, leading some people to believe they must stay strictly within their comfort zones. Because many have never done otherwise, they may even believe they are incapable of doing so. In this way, failing to challenge yourself can result in self-esteem issues. 

If you feel your lack of confidence is a product of a history of not challenging yourself, it may be time to get out of your comfort zone. If you have social anxiety, make an effort to gain new friends or take a course in public speaking. If you regularly drive to work, try taking the bus or riding a bike to get to the office. The next time you eat out, order something you’ve never tried before. Making a habit of regularly confronting your fears will earn you improved self-esteem, lifelong friends, and newfound skills.

3.  Quiet Your Negative Inner Voice

Your inner voice is inextricably tied to your sense of personal identity. It cuts through the fog of buzzing stimuli and condenses your mindset into a single coherent stream of thought. Ordinarily, it’s wise to grow to trust this voice. After all, you have to trust your inner voice to be confident — right?

Sometimes, your inner voice can become hypercritical, clouding your judgment with negative thoughts. As a result, you might become socially withdrawn, learn to distrust others, lose focus on achieving major goals, and even turn to addiction. It can be impossible to feel confident with a negative inner voice sabotaging your every decision.

Take some time to analyze the source of your negative thoughts. What caused your critical inner voice to “speak up”? What is it pushing you to do? If your rational mind can dismiss the cause for this inward criticism, you can begin to ignore that voice.

4.  Improve Your Image

Focusing on your personal appearance isn’t superficial; it’s actually a sign of good mental health. How you feel about your image has an impact on your confidence. A negative body image can lead to poor self-esteem and a lack of emotional stability.

A good way to improve your self-esteem is to improve your personal image. Sometimes this can be as simple as changing the way you dress or your body language. Other times, it may involve more drastic changes, such as adopting a diet and fitness regimen to lose weight. If there is something about your appearance affecting your ability to feel confident, do what you can to change it.
For example, if you have a receding hairline, it may make you feel unattractive or that you’re older than you truly are. As a result, you may become socially withdrawn, which can impact your life in many ways. However, by using hair growth products like Minoxidil and Wild Growth Hair Oil, you might be able to reverse this issue and regain your confidence.

5.  Set and Accomplish Your Goals

Without defining the goals you want to achieve, life can feel rudderless. Boosting your self-esteem will be a serious challenge unless you make setting goals a regular habit in your life. Failing to take time to set goals and acknowledge your achievements may lead to a severe lack of confidence.

Setting and achieving goals both big and small can drastically improve your confidence. This is because we, as humans, are dissatisfied with stagnation. Organizational psychologist Dr. Benjamin Hardy states:

“ … (W)e are happiest when we are improving. Self-acceptance is important, but self-acceptance is also intended to be a vehicle for positive growth, not for staying stagnant and justifying mediocrity … Trying to force yourself to remain the same stunts hope and happiness.”

Setting goals is an excellent way to avoid stagnation. Start with small daily and weekly goals. This can include minor tasks such as doing household chores or exercising for a certain amount of time. The key is to be realistic with your expectations, then hold yourself to those standards. Accomplishing these goals will give you a sense of momentum and confidence.

This momentum can be parlayed into larger life goals. These are goals that may take years to accomplish, such as graduating college, getting married to your partner, or landing a major promotion.

6.  Exercise

There are many reasons people may not get the amount of exercise they need to be healthy. Busy schedules, an excessive reliance on cars to get around, and sedentary hobbies can make it difficult to get in enough exercise. The stagnation associated with a sedentary lifestyle can seriously harm your self-esteem, as can a poor physique.

Physical inactivity can lead to poor physical and mental health, and it can drastically reduce your lifespan. In fact, a lack of exercise is as deadly as smoking, leading to over 5 million deaths per year. It can lead to complications like high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and high cholesterol — all of which can lead to major chronic conditions. However, regular exercise can lead to a healthier, happier, and more confident you by reducing each of these.

Your exercise regimen should be designed to help you get at least 150 minutes of exercise a week, which equals 30 minutes of exercise five days each week. If it’s difficult to find time in the day to meet this minimum, explore your options. If your workplace is within a reasonable distance, you can try walking or jogging to work each day. Invest in desk exercise equipment to burn some calories while working.

These are just a few ideas to get you started on living a more active lifestyle. Experiment with these, and be sure to continue to develop your regimen. Continuing to challenge yourself will lead to improved physical and mental benefits.

7.  Determine Your Values

Do you ever engage in behavior that makes you question your integrity or worth? Using addictive substances, committing infidelity, wasting money, not spending enough time with your children — each of these can deflate your sense of self-worth. However, if you can identify that these behaviors are “wrong,” you’re already on the right path.

Many people who have high levels of self-esteem are confident because they ensure their actions are consistent with their values. If you can identify destructive behaviors that are wrong, then you can modify your behavior to ensure you act in a way that adheres to your values.

Identify your core values. These can include values like honesty, commitment to family, or punctuality. When you establish your values, you can create a set of rules to abide by that will allow you to go about your day with confidence. Consistently following these values will help you embody what you hold dearest.

8.  Help Others

When you lack confidence, it’s easy to become socially withdrawn and close yourself off to new opportunities. Remaining focused on your personal needs can cause you to lose sight of what you can do for people in need.

Ironically, volunteering to help others can be the key to finding personal fulfillment. According to Western Connecticut University, “Volunteering can provide a healthy boost to your self-confidence, self-esteem, and life satisfaction. You are doing good for others and the community, which provides a natural sense of accomplishment.”

There are many volunteer opportunities to help others. If you aren’t sure where to begin, find volunteer opportunities that match your interests. For example, if you’re interested in sports, you might find an opportunity to help in adaptive recreation programs — classes designed to help people with disabilities participate in sports. If you have a passion for cooking, you may find your abilities will be appreciated at homeless shelters.

9.  Practice Self-Care

Self-care ensures your physical, mental, and social health remains in top shape. It requires a certain commitment of time, but failure to do so can lead to negative results, including a loss of confidence. If you don’t take time to practice self-care, you may suffer from self-esteem issues, among many other problems.

Examples of self-care habits include:

  • Eating a healthy diet;
  • Practicing good sleep hygiene, including going to bed at a reasonable time each night and getting 7-9 hours of sleep;
  • Regularly meditating to clear your mind;
  • Taking occasional time off from work;
  • Scheduling regular “me” time to spend on your interests.

A major part of self-care has been discussed above: taking care of your personal image. If you have self-image problems due to thinning hair, you can explore methods to get thicker hair or try switching to a hairstyle for thin hair. This can improve your self-esteem immeasurably.

10.  Learn to Say No

Saying “yes” to everything — and often being unable to follow through — leaves you in a self-confidence trap. You want to appease your friends and family by agreeing to their plans, but not being able to follow through leaves you feeling inadequate. 

Saying “no” is a key skill confident and happy people practice. By defining boundaries, you can reclaim your time. Defining boundaries doesn’t push others away; it enables you to spend better quality time with others when you are able to do so. It empowers you to feel confident that, when you do say “yes,” you will be able to commit to it fully. An honest “yes” is worth immeasurably more than a dozen dishonest ones.

The key to learning to say “no” is to not obsess over what others think. You can be considerate of the needs of others without overcommitting and depriving yourself of the time and energy needed to pursue your life choices happily and with confidence.

Top 15 Hairstyles For Thin Hair 2020 | Discover The Best Haircuts | VIDEO

Top 15 Hairstyles For Thin Hair 2020 | Discover The Best Haircuts | VIDEO

Do you wondering which hairstyles for thin hair is best for you? This is something that many women with fine hair face when it comes to trying to find the right haircut that can help them achieve the goal. The good news is that there are a number of very nice haircuts that a woman can use to look beautiful and to add the appearance of significant volume to their hair.
15 Hairstyles That Add Significant Volume For Women With Thin Hair

1. Classic Bob | The Most Favorite Hairstyle For Short Thin Hair

Like with all fashion, hairstyles come and go. But the 90s have now returned. The classic bob is a great way for a woman to look great and add volume to otherwise thin hair. If you’re wondering if this style is back in just take a look at any number of your favorite celebrities and you’ll see that it is. Put on a pair of high-waist jeans and a choker along with your new, cool haircut, and you just might be seen as one of the influencers.

classic bob hairstyle ideal for thin hair

Classic Bob For Thin Hair | One Of The Best

TIP! Add layers or waves to achieve even better thicker effect of your bob haircut

short bob with the waves to get even more thicker hair

Even More Thicker Hair With The Waves

2. Shoulder-Length Wavy Bob Is Ideal For Thin Hair

Have your hair cut to shoulder length and have the ends vary in length and the rest of your hair layered. Having a light permanent wave or use a curling iron in the morning to add some wave which along with your haircut will add significant volume. It’s a great style that’s currently in fashion. If you’re using the curling iron and you notice that some of your ends are sticking out and in different directions, that’s perfect.
hairstyle bob shoulder

Ideal For Thin Hair | Bob Hairstyle

3. Messy Bob Haircut For Thin Hair With Layers That Are Choppy

There are four things that help make thin hair have volume and they are layers, color, waves, and ends that have varied lengths. A messy Bob with choppy ends is an attractive and youthful look. This haircut will only require a small amount of backcombing and a minimal amount of hairspray. Its design is meant to be messy and casual.
Messy Bob With Layers That Are Choppy

Look Yonger And Add Volume To Your Thin Haiir With Messy Bob With Layers

4. You Can Add Volume With Tucked Back Haircut

This style of haircut for thin hair will curve from the top of the head out and then back in toward the neck. This effect makes the hair look as though it has tremendous volume even when it’s quite thin. This type of short haircut is very sophisticated and modern and is very suitable, especially for women who are over 30. This type of short haircut is considered extremely chic.
Haircut For Thin Hair Bob With Turn Back With Tucked Back

Another Favorite Haircut For Thin Hair

5. Face-Framing Layers With A Part In The Middle | For Long Thin Hair

This is a very youthful look and is intended for those who are wearing their hair long. Ideally, the hair will be to the middle of the back and should be combed in the middle. It will have a light wave down the front on both sides that helps to frame the face. This is an easy to achieve look for those with long thin hair. It’s a very modern style and very attractive.
Hairstyle For Long Thin Hair

This Is Perfect Hairstyle For Long Thin Hair

VIDEO | #20 Top Hairstyles For Thin Hair + Bonus

TIP! Follow your favorite celebrities with the thin hair and try their hairstyles. They have a lot of opportunities and the budget to choose the best hair stylist who recommend top haircut for her to get thicker hair.
Another Top 10 Hairstyles For Thin Hair

One thing that women with thin hair all agree on is that hairstyles for this type of hair are never easy to create. All women even those with thin hair want to have much thicker hair, but there is no need to worry since all that’s required is the right hairstyle. If you have thin hair you will fall in love with the following collection of hairstyles are quite versatile and will work for your type of hair.

Here are the other top 10 hairstyles for women with thin hair

6. Uneven Front Bangs

Women that have thick hair are often able to get away with having full, wide set bangs. While such a look is hardly ideal for thin hair, bangs are still an alternative. Test out choppy front bangs instead of going for heavy bangs that have a blunt edge. Having uneven strands will give you the freedom to either separate the bangs in the middle or bring them to the side. French women have been rocking this hairstyle for a long time.
Uneven Front Bangs Haircuts

Alternative For Thin Hair

7. Wispy Front Layers

Thin-haired women who love medium-length cuts will love a look the incorporates wispy front layers. To achieve the look, a stylist cuts the hair between the bust and collarbone and then adds wispy front layers originating from the bottom of the chin down to the ends. The layers frame the face wonderfully, add texture, and can be styled for even greater volume. You should not forget to cut the back of the hair in a straight line because thin back layers have a tendency to get scraggly.
Alternative For Thin Hair

Ideal For Medium Long Thin Hair

8. Beachy Waves | Number One No Heat Hairstyle For Thin Hair

It is hard to go wrong with beachy waves irrespective of your hair type. Beachy waves are the best no heat hairstyle that adds a considerable amount of volume. The hairstyle is recommended for the summer and can suit hair of all lengths. All you have to do is to spritz some sea salt spray then scrunch the hair. You can also achieve heat-less beach curls by braiding wet hair then leaving it overnight and when you open them the following morning, you will have lovely beach waves with good bounce.

beachy waves hairstyle

One Of The Best No Heat Hairstyle For Thin Hair

TIP! Try the best cosmetic solution for thin hair | Hair Fibers

hair fibers to get thicker hair

How To Get Thicker Hair Instantly With Hair Fibers

9. Angled Bob | Another Bob Haircuts For thin Hair

Angled bob is one of the most glamorous and chic haircuts for women with thin hair. It adds more volume and body to the tresses. It not only provides a new dimension for the face, but also prevents the hair from actually appearing flat or limp. You can choose to have your angled bob super sleek or it can have light waves that make it look even more lovely. The angled bob works well for women with round faces and thin hair.

another bob haircuts for thin hair

Another Type Of Bob Haircuts For Thin Hair

TIP! Bob is the most favorite hairstyle for thin hair, so you can inspire yourself with another bob haircuts
10. Messy Updo Style | Give A Chance

Updo hairstyles have been fashionable for the longest time possible. The look works well for dinner dates, wedding parties, or simply flaunting your ravishing side. The messy updo complements all outfits and can completely elevate your look. All you need to do is curl the hair using thick rollers and then leave it overnight. Next, tie hair into a low bun and leave a couple of strands here and there and you will be all good to go.
messy updo style for thin hair

Give A Chance To This Hairstyle And You Will Be Glad You Did

11. Braided Crown | Another Trick In Hairstyle To Hide Thin Hair

Women with thin hair usually find braids falling down the shoulder or back looking quite meager and only exaggerating how fine their hair is. A better alternative would be the braided crown. If you pull up hair and use a braid as a headband, it is possible to create an illusion of having more hair than in reality. The braided crown is also great for drawing attention from how much hair actually remains in the back.
Hairstyle Braided Crown Trick Thin Hair

Another Alternative For Thin Hair As A Trick

12. Sleek Pony with Puff

The old school puff hairstyle is great for adding volume to fine hair. It is the ideal hairstyle for women with thin hair that don’t want their hair to look flat. All you need to do is make a puff by back-combing a section of the front hair. Tie the remaining hair into a ponytail and you will be good to go. If you wish to make the look more stylish, take a small section of the ponytail then wrap it around the hair tie.
sleeky pony hairstyle thicker hair effect

Give A Chance To This Hairstyle For Thin Hair

13. Long Blunt Bangs

Styling hair using blunt bangs also referred to as fringes is a great way to add a refreshing look to fine hair. It covers the forehead and adds an illusion of fuller hair. The important thing is to ensure that you don’t have greasy hair since the bangs may look flat, which will defeat the purpose. It is not necessary to have pin straight hair to rock the look. Just straighten up the front bangs then scrunch up the rest of the hair for more texture and bounce.
long blunt bags

Nice Trick How To Hide Thin Hair | Long Blunt Blangs

14. Romantic Updo

The romantic updo is ideal for thin hair especially if you plan to go out on a date at a fancy restaurant. To achieve this hairdo, you can either curl up your hair lightly into waves or you can wear thick rollers in your hair overnight. Next, finger-comb the hair and then gather it mid-length. Finally, strategically pin the hair up into place and you will be done.
romantic messy updo for thin hair

Perfect Hairstyle For Thin Hair If You Plan Go On Date Or Restaurant

15. Voluminous Loose Curls Ideal For Long Thin Hair

Curls are great for dramatically adding volume to hair and making it bouncy. If you have thin hair, you can choose any type of loose curls from heavy loose curls to soft curls and still be sure that whatever style you choose will make your hair look thicker by giving it more body. You can either use hair curling rods or curling rollers to achieve your desired look. Voluminous loose curls are ideal for those with long, thin hair.
Voluminous Loose Curls hairstyle

Add Volume With Voluminous Loose Curls Hairstyle | Nice For Long Thin Hair

Hairstyle For Thin Hair | The Best Practise

Thin hair can be styled in several different ways without worry as clearly evidenced by the hairstyles for thin hair discussed here. If you choose of the hairstyles discussed here, you will definitely look luscious like you should. The important thing is not to restrict yourself to a specific look, but rather try experimenting with different looks by either adding accessories or changing them a bit. Your hairstyle needs to be as unique and personal as you are!

It is important to remember that the main things that give volume to hair are waves, color, and layers. Whether you’re wanting to wear your hair long or short consider these three components when getting a haircut.

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