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Gender Double Standards | Double Standards for Women | GETTIK

Double standards occur when groups that should be held to the same measure are treated or regarded differently. This happens in a variety of circumstances, but often occurs when there is an unbalanced power dynamic, or an opportunity for favoritism. One way that double standards can manifest is between women and men. These double standards may begin in early childhood and can last lifetimes. They can occur in social settings, education, work, fashion, and economically. Consider the following nine examples.

Pros & Cons of Birth Control Pills | Birth Control Side Effects | GETTIK

What Are the Benefits and Risks of Birth Control Pills?The primary intended use of birth control pills is obvious; it’s in the name. However, this medication has had many benefits over the years, and a particularly notable benefit was what it meant for the...

Types of Body Modification | GETTIK

The Most Popular Body Modifications Body modifications are cosmetic changes that allow individuals to change and modify their physical appearance. In the United States, almost half of all adults have some form of body modification, and this percentage is growing,...

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