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How Swimming Affects Your Body: Benefits and Risks | GETTIK

How Does Swimming Affect Your Body? Individuals swim for a variety of reasons including recreation, competition, and health. Regardless of the reason, swimming can affect your body in a variety of ways — both good and bad. A Low-Impact Sport Swimming is a low-impact...

How To Live a Healthy Lifestyle: Tips and Tricks | GETTIK

Lifestyle Tips For Better Overall HealthThe way you go about your daily life has a massive and direct impact on your wellbeing. Nearly everything, from what and when you eat to how many hours you work in a day, can influence your health. However, as many as 97.3% of...

Job Interview Tips and Tricks | GETTIK

How To Make a Good Impression in a Job Interview When it comes to getting a job, interviewing may seem like a secondary concern compared to your skills and education. However, the impression you make during an interview is extremely important because recruiters often...

What Causes Hair Loss in Women? | GETTIK

Why Is My Hair Falling Out? 5 Causes of Hair Loss in WomenWhile going through your morning routine and brushing your hair, it’s possible you may notice more hair left in your brush than you’re used to. Some hair loss is normal, but if you begin to notice signs of...
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