What makes GETTIK unique?

GETTIK stays in your hair until the next time you wash it. For some clients, this can be up to 1 week. GETTIK stays in your hair while you sleep. We recommend that you apply GETTIK to your hair after each washing.

How long will a bottle of GETTIK last?

It all depends on how often you use it and how thick your hair is.
On average, the 10g bottle lasts 20 – 30 days, and the 25g bottle lasts 50 – 75 days.

Is GETTIK suitable for me if I’m bald?

Unfortunately, in this case our product can’t help you. GETTIK is designed to remove spots where the scalp is visible. To be more exact, it’s for spots where hair cover is thin, not nonexistent. Take a look at our scale to see whom GETTIK is suitable for.

What if my hair gets wet after I’ve applied GETTIK?

The water-resistant qualities of GETTIK secure resistance against water, rain and human sweat. Therefore, even with GETTIK applied, you can actively enjoy your favorite activities, even in bad weather. However, you must follow the exact application process and fix the fibers in place with the GETTIK Hold On Spray or your favorite finish or fixation spray.

How do I remove GETTIK from my hair?

Simply use your normal shampoo. One wash is enough.

Can GETTIK damage my hair?

No. GETTIK is completely safe. It is designed for all types of hair, including newly grown hair after medicaments or transplantation. In this case, it creates an even more natural and perfect effect. You can continue to use your regular hair-growth support products. GETTIK is a 100% natural product.

How to apply GETTIK Hair Fibers?

It is very simple. You just shake the bottle above your thin-hair spots on scalp and they will be gone in a couple of seconds.

Is GETTIK 100% natural?

Yes, GETTIK is made from natural components which are gentle and safe.

How should I select my shade of GETTIK?

We know it’s difficult to choose a product based only on a picture. You can find our list of shades in the BUY

Can I use GETTIK after my hair transplant?

Yes, but no sooner than 6 months after your procedure.

What should I do if I accidentally inhaled some hair fibers?

Don’t worry, GETTIK Hair Fibers are made from natural components so they won’t hurt you in any way. You might be coughing for a moment, but nothing terrible will happen.

How does the 60-day money-back guarantee work?

You simply need to contact us at our e-mail: [email protected] with a request to return the money. Within 10 days we’ll return the money to the account you listed in your e-mail or your PayPal account. Please provide your bank account in the IBAN form, as well as your SWIFT code.

Can I straighten or curl my hair after using GETTIK Hair Fibers?

It is recommended to style your hair with heated appliances before and then use our hair fibers to give your final look more density.