Top 15 Hairstyles For Thin Hair 2020 | Discover The Best Haircuts | VIDEO

the best hairstyles for thin hair

Written by gettik

August 15, 2017

Top 15 Hairstyles For Thin Hair 2018 | Discover The Best Haircuts | VIDEO

Do you wondering which hairstyles for thin hair is best for you? This is something that many women with fine hair face when it comes to trying to find the right haircut that can help them achieve the goal. The good news is that there are a number of very nice haircuts that a woman can use to look beautiful and to add the appearance of significant volume to their hair.

15 Hairstyles That Add Significant Volume For Women With Thin Hair


1. Classic Bob | The Most Favorite Hairstyle For Short Thin Hair


Like with all fashion, hairstyles come and go. But the 90s have now returned. The classic bob is a great way for a woman to look great and add volume to otherwise thin hair. If you’re wondering if this style is back in just take a look at any number of your favorite celebrities and you’ll see that it is. Put on a pair of high-waist jeans and a choker along with your new, cool haircut, and you just might be seen as one of the influencers.

classic bob hairstyle ideal for thin hair

Classic Bob For Thin Hair | One Of The Best


TIP! Add layers or waves to achieve even better thicker effect of your bob haircut


short bob with the waves to get even more thicker hair

Even More Thicker Hair With The Waves


2. Shoulder-Length Wavy Bob Is Ideal For Thin Hair


Have your hair cut to shoulder length and have the ends vary in length and the rest of your hair layered. Having a light permanent wave or use a curling iron in the morning to add some wave which along with your haircut will add significant volume. It’s a great style that’s currently in fashion. If you’re using the curling iron and you notice that some of your ends are sticking out and in different directions, that’s perfect.

hairstyle bob shoulder

Ideal For Thin Hair | Bob Hairstyle


3. Messy Bob Haircut For Thin Hair With Layers That Are Choppy


There are four things that help make thin hair have volume and they are layers, color, waves, and ends that have varied lengths. A messy Bob with choppy ends is an attractive and youthful look. This haircut will only require a small amount of backcombing and a minimal amount of hairspray. Its design is meant to be messy and casual.

Messy Bob With Layers That Are Choppy

Look Yonger And Add Volume To Your Thin Haiir With Messy Bob With Layers


4. You Can Add Volume With Tucked Back Haircut


This style of haircut for thin hair will curve from the top of the head out and then back in toward the neck. This effect makes the hair look as though it has tremendous volume even when it’s quite thin. This type of short haircut is very sophisticated and modern and is very suitable, especially for women who are over 30. This type of short haircut is considered extremely chic.

Haircut For Thin Hair Bob With Turn Back With Tucked Back

Another Favorite Haircut For Thin Hair


5. Face-Framing Layers With A Part In The Middle | For Long Thin Hair


This is a very youthful look and is intended for those who are wearing their hair long. Ideally, the hair will be to the middle of the back and should be combed in the middle. It will have a light wave down the front on both sides that helps to frame the face. This is an easy to achieve look for those with long thin hair. It’s a very modern style and very attractive.

Hairstyle For Long Thin Hair

This Is Perfect Hairstyle For Long Thin Hair


VIDEO | #20 Top Hairstyles For Thin Hair + Bonus


TIP! Follow your favorite celebrities with the thin hair and try their hairstyles. They have a lot of opportunities and the budget to choose the best hair stylist who recommend top haircut for her to get thicker hair.

Another Top 10 Hairstyles For Thin Hair


One thing that women with thin hair all agree on is that hairstyles for this type of hair are never easy to create. All women even those with thin hair want to have much thicker hair, but there is no need to worry since all that’s required is the right hairstyle. If you have thin hair you will fall in love with the following collection of hairstyles are quite versatile and will work for your type of hair.

Here are the other top 10 hairstyles for women with thin hair


6. Uneven Front Bangs


Women that have thick hair are often able to get away with having full, wide set bangs. While such a look is hardly ideal for thin hair, bangs are still an alternative. Test out choppy front bangs instead of going for heavy bangs that have a blunt edge. Having uneven strands will give you the freedom to either separate the bangs in the middle or bring them to the side. French women have been rocking this hairstyle for a long time.

Uneven Front Bangs Haircuts

Alternative For Thin Hair


7. Wispy Front Layers


Thin-haired women who love medium-length cuts will love a look the incorporates wispy front layers. To achieve the look, a stylist cuts the hair between the bust and collarbone and then adds wispy front layers originating from the bottom of the chin down to the ends. The layers frame the face wonderfully, add texture, and can be styled for even greater volume. You should not forget to cut the back of the hair in a straight line because thin back layers have a tendency to get scraggly.

Alternative For Thin Hair

Ideal For Medium Long Thin Hair



8. Beachy Waves | Number One No Heat Hairstyle For Thin Hair


It is hard to go wrong with beachy waves irrespective of your hair type. Beachy waves are the best no heat hairstyle that adds a considerable amount of volume. The hairstyle is recommended for the summer and can suit hair of all lengths. All you have to do is to spritz some sea salt spray then scrunch the hair. You can also achieve heat-less beach curls by braiding wet hair then leaving it overnight and when you open them the following morning, you will have lovely beach waves with good bounce.


beachy waves hairstyle

One Of The Best No Heat Hairstyle For Thin Hair

TIP! Try the best cosmetic solution for thin hair | Hair Fibers


hair fibers to get thicker hair

How To Get Thicker Hair Instantly With Hair Fibers



9. Angled Bob | Another Bob Haircuts For thin Hair


Angled bob is one of the most glamorous and chic haircuts for women with thin hair. It adds more volume and body to the tresses. It not only provides a new dimension for the face, but also prevents the hair from actually appearing flat or limp. You can choose to have your angled bob super sleek or it can have light waves that make it look even more lovely. The angled bob works well for women with round faces and thin hair.


another bob haircuts for thin hair

Another Type Of Bob Haircuts For Thin Hair

TIP! Bob is the most favorite hairstyle for thin hair, so you can inspire yourself with another bob haircuts

10. Messy Updo Style | Give A Chance


Updo hairstyles have been fashionable for the longest time possible. The look works well for dinner dates, wedding parties, or simply flaunting your ravishing side. The messy updo complements all outfits and can completely elevate your look. All you need to do is curl the hair using thick rollers and then leave it overnight. Next, tie hair into a low bun and leave a couple of strands here and there and you will be all good to go.

messy updo style for thin hair

Give A Chance To This Hairstyle And You Will Be Glad You Did


11. Braided Crown | Another Trick In Hairstyle To Hide Thin Hair


Women with thin hair usually find braids falling down the shoulder or back looking quite meager and only exaggerating how fine their hair is. A better alternative would be the braided crown. If you pull up hair and use a braid as a headband, it is possible to create an illusion of having more hair than in reality. The braided crown is also great for drawing attention from how much hair actually remains in the back.

Hairstyle Braided Crown Trick Thin Hair

Another Alternative For Thin Hair As A Trick


12. Sleek Pony with Puff


The old school puff hairstyle is great for adding volume to fine hair. It is the ideal hairstyle for women with thin hair that don’t want their hair to look flat. All you need to do is make a puff by back-combing a section of the front hair. Tie the remaining hair into a ponytail and you will be good to go. If you wish to make the look more stylish, take a small section of the ponytail then wrap it around the hair tie.

sleeky pony hairstyle thicker hair effect

Give A Chance To This Hairstyle For Thin Hair


13. Long Blunt Bangs


Styling hair using blunt bangs also referred to as fringes is a great way to add a refreshing look to fine hair. It covers the forehead and adds an illusion of fuller hair. The important thing is to ensure that you don’t have greasy hair since the bangs may look flat, which will defeat the purpose. It is not necessary to have pin straight hair to rock the look. Just straighten up the front bangs then scrunch up the rest of the hair for more texture and bounce.

long blunt bags

Nice Trick How To Hide Thin Hair | Long Blunt Blangs


14. Romantic Updo


The romantic updo is ideal for thin hair especially if you plan to go out on a date at a fancy restaurant. To achieve this hairdo, you can either curl up your hair lightly into waves or you can wear thick rollers in your hair overnight. Next, finger-comb the hair and then gather it mid-length. Finally, strategically pin the hair up into place and you will be done.

romantic messy updo for thin hair

Perfect Hairstyle For Thin Hair If You Plan Go On Date Or Restaurant


15. Voluminous Loose Curls Ideal For Long Thin Hair


Curls are great for dramatically adding volume to hair and making it bouncy. If you have thin hair, you can choose any type of loose curls from heavy loose curls to soft curls and still be sure that whatever style you choose will make your hair look thicker by giving it more body. You can either use hair curling rods or curling rollers to achieve your desired look. Voluminous loose curls are ideal for those with long, thin hair.

Voluminous Loose Curls hairstyle

Add Volume With Voluminous Loose Curls Hairstyle | Nice For Long Thin Hair


Hairstyle For Thin Hair | The Best Practise


Thin hair can be styled in several different ways without worry as clearly evidenced by the hairstyles for thin hair discussed here. If you choose of the hairstyles discussed here, you will definitely look luscious like you should. The important thing is not to restrict yourself to a specific look, but rather try experimenting with different looks by either adding accessories or changing them a bit. Your hairstyle needs to be as unique and personal as you are!

It is important to remember that the main things that give volume to hair are waves, color, and layers. Whether you’re wanting to wear your hair long or short consider these three components when getting a haircut.

by: gettik


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    • gettik

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  2. Patty

    Your models don’t look like they have THIN hair. My hair is not quite shoulder length and if I pulled it into a pony tail I have to use the rubber bands make for toddlers or the regular ones are too big. I need to see hairstyles for real women with real thinning hair.

    • gettik

      Dear Patty, we are sorry for that. We plan to add our models with thin hair. Our professional hairstylist will show you a most common types of hairstyle for women with thin hair. Stay tuned!

    • Laura F Orimo

      My hair is the same. Very, very thin, fine and, in my 60’s, I’m also having (more) thinning. Just ONCE, I’d love to see pictures of models with very thin hair and how it can be styled with products that help to make it look fuller. I’ve never been able to relate to pictures of movie stars or hair models who have 3 times the amount of hair that I do.

    • Nancy

      I’m the very same way you’ve described. It’s February 2021, as well and I clicked on this and visited what it said was styles for thin hair for 2020. I get here and they’re 2017 and 2018.
      I soooo need a new look after this last year of no cuts, no color no nothing having to shelter at home. My hair is disgusting! I can’t stand it long and hasn’t been long since high school. Lord I need help! I’m partially grey which don’t look bad but needs definite HELP ASAP. I just turned 60 December 2019 and could certainly use a picj me up after this last year. I’m single too, and want to look the best I can again but I need help! I can’t stand looking in the mirror much longer!

  3. Lois

    I have thin medium length hair, I
    Look awful
    With straight hair. I need volume at the
    Crown, what cut should I be getting for fullness. My hair is thinning. Thanks for any ideas you might have, I need Long wispy bangs.

  4. Mindy Wise

    I am 60 and my hair is thin and looking for shoulder length hair cut that I can do.


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