Minoxidil | The Only One Approved Solution For Hair Loss

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Minoxidil was accidentally discovered by scientists who were developing Loniten®, a medicine for high blood pressure. A side-effect of Loniten was hair growth on the head and body. As a result, Minoxidil has been become an ingredient in products that support hair growth. In hair-loss treatments, Minoxidil is used as a 2% (for women) and 5% (for man) concentrate dissolved in propylene glycol. The purpose of the glycol is to improve the skin’s absorbency of Minoxidil and ensure that the drug is evenly distributed on the treated areas. In spite of the fact that generic forms of Minoxidil contain higher concentrations (10%, 16%…), they are less effective. In fact, skin cannot absorb concentrations of the substance greater than 5%. For the best absorbency, before you apply the drug, we recommend you use a roller with titanium needles.


MINOXIDIL | The Only One Confirmed Solution For Hair Loss

Between 1991 and 2001, the Food and Drug Administration and the United States Department of Health and Human Services approved Minoxidil in 2% and 5% concentrations as an effective treatment for male and female hair loss.



Scientists from the UpJohn corporation have conducted several clinical studies of a dermal solution of Minoxidil at 2% and 5% concentrations to determine its effectiveness against hair loss and its ability to induce new hair growth. Clinical tests of the effectiveness of the dermal solution of Minoxidil in men (with baldness on top of the head) showed that in 48% of subjects, hair loss stopped after a year of using Minoxidil and that hair growth was restored. In 36% of men, there was a partial improvement in hair growth. In 16% of men, no hair regrowth was observed.

After the use of Minoxidil at a 5% concentration, the rate of new hair growth was 45% higher than it was at a 2% concentration. (The parameter compared was the number of hairs on top of the head within a diameter of 1 cm.) In 54% of patients, a restoration of hair growth was observed in this area when it was treated with Minoxidil at a 5% concentration. Similar results were observed in clinical tests for women. After one year of treatment, the average number of hairs in the observed area increased by 112 hairs.

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Minoxidil usually works by extending the anagen phase of hair cells, which supports their growth. Since it increases the length and diameter of miniaturized hairs, it helps to improve hair quality. This process can induce new anagen cycles.

Hair cells pass through three phases. The first phase is the “growing“ phase, known as the anagen phase. This is followed by the catagen phase, then the telogen phase. At the end of the telogen phase, the old hair falls out and is replaced by a new one. A shortened anagen phase usually precedes hair-loss problems such as male baldness. Testosterone and its derivate, DHT, can affect the shortening of the anagen phase. Clinical studies have shown the ability of Minoxidil to stop male and female hair loss and to trigger the growth of new hair, especially on top of the head.

Minoxidil can stimulate follicular growth directly due to VEGF and prostaglandin synthetase. It also plays a critical role in proliferating dermal papilla cells. In contrast to dht blocker such as Propecia or natural Saw Palmetto, the effects of minoxidil are unrelated to androgens. When finasteride and minoxidil are used simultaneously, they can directly prove inhibitive to DHT formation, which might have synergistic benefits in treating hair loss, even though finasteride is considered far more effective.

In most scenarios, using the two together gives patients the best possible outcomes.

Recent studies indicate that minoxidil acts on hair follicles by opening potassium channels that are adenosine-sensitive. These are found in a part of the hair follicle known as the dermal papilla. A gene effect also takes place.


1 Before using, wash your scalp using a mild shampoo. Before you apply Minoxidil, your scalp and hair must be dry.

2 Pump the applicator to fill it with minoxidil. Apply 1ml (0,034 fl oz.) on a thinning area.

3. Gently massage it into the scalp for 1-2 minutes. Wait for approximately 20-30 minutes to use GETTIK hair-thickening fibers, gels or mousses. Do not let your hair come into contact with water within 4 hours of the application.


How Should You Use Minoxidil?

In an ideal practice, minoxidil is applied to the bald scalp daily, once or twice. The medication can only function in areas where i tis applied, and there must be direct contact to the scalp, not hair between or above it. Only use this medication on the frontal scalpal area, if that’s the part where thinning is occurring.

It should go without saying, but the 5-percent formula is usually more effective than its 2-percent counterpart.

On the other hand, it does have propylene glycol, which itself is a scalp-irritating compound that might make hair feel difficult to manage, and even sticky. If this becomes an issue, think about switching to the 5-percent solution before bedtime and save the 2-percent formula for morning use. The 2-percent variant is based on alcohol and far less sticky in comparison. When you use minoxidil, remember that results might not show up for six months or even a year. Most patients who eventually witness results experience some delay or even a reduction in their hair-loss rate. This drug also sometimes thickens existing hair, although a good number of patients who don’t get such results wind up growing a thin, short fuzz. Minoxidil doesn’t grow any new hair on a scalp that has gone completely bald.


After using, wash your hands. Do not apply two doses at once. If you have any doubts about the use of this medicine, ask your pharmacist or physician. Minoxidil should be taken for up to 4-6 months, until the patient can assess whether the medicine has helped or not. The main application of the drug is for the treatment of androgenic alopecia in both men and women. It helps about 30% of patients, who achieve a slight reduction in hair loss or maintain their current level of hair loss.


Minoxidil & Women

Both the 2% foam and 5% formulations of the drug minoxidil have been FDA-approved for women to use. Sensitivity to side effects experienced from minoxidil are much higher in women. These side effects can include feeling lightheaded or experiencing low blood pressure, known as hypotension. Women are also more at risk of developing allergic reactions on the skin and dermatitis.

Topical applications of minoxidil for women may produce an annoying reaction locally. This includes developing facial hair. Even though facial hair growth will resolve slowly when usage stops, this hair might need removal. When applying the solution, take care to stop the solution from running down onto the temples and forehead. The 5% solution is associated with a greater chance of the above-mentioned side effects, particularly when it is applied twice daily.

Advice For Women:

  • Some side effects associated with minoxidil you need to be aware of include: lightheadedness, dizziness and an increase in facial hair. However, most of these symptoms usually go away and typically occur in less than 5% of users. If you start to experience any of these symptoms, stop using the medication immediately.
  • Minoxidil only works on the area it is applied to. The solution must be massaged into areas where the hair is starting to thin. The solution needs to be applied directly to the scalp, not the hair.
  • If you are only using the solution once a day, double up on the dose to ensure you completely cover the area that is showing thinning hair.
  • If the solution is too greasy, use the medication before you go to bed at night and then wash it off in the morning. If you can’t stand the greasiness, use the foam instead, as it is much less messy.
  • It is best to apply the solution to damp skin as soon as you exit the bath or shower.
  • For this medication to provide the best results, use it every day. Avoid stopping and starting. You may find that your hair sheds for the first 3 to 6 months. This is usually a sign that the treatment is working. This means you should avoid stopping use of the solution unless you have started to experience a side effect. If you decide to stop using the solution, you may lose out on the benefits.

Tips On How To Use Minoxidil

The topical usage of minoxidil (5% and 2%) once daily is said to be almost as effective as using this formulation 2 times daily. This is because when one applies minoxidil topically, it offers a half-life of around 22 hours when on the skin. When given orally, its half-life is relatively short and lasts only a few hours. This suggests that the once-daily topical application is the better option. However, it is important to consider that GETTIK states that minoxidil is not as effective when applied only once daily.

When the use of this drug has been discontinued, the effects will wear off in a period of 3 months and the hair-loss pattern previously experienced will continue. When restarting this medication, the individual will not be able to regain hair that has been lost, which means it is advisable to use this drug on a regular basis for optimal results.

What you should know about minoxidil

Minoxidil only works on miniaturized hair, which means areas where the scalp is not 100% bald.
Minoxidil is proven to work effectively on the front parts of the scalp and hairline, when the hair is just beginning to thin. The medication must be applied directly to the scalp to work, and is not effective on the hair itself.
A 5% solution has been suggested as being far more effective if i tis applied to areas where there is still a bit of hair left, as the solution can be applied to the scalp much more easily.
If the 5% solution irritates the scalp, it is best to try the 5% foam because it is free from propylene glycol, which is the more common of the irritants.
Most people who use this medication prefer to apply the solution once daily before they go to bed.
If using the solution only once daily, it is advisable to double the suggested dose to ensure the medication offers full coverage to the thinning areas.
Minoxidil can be applied to damp skin when you get out of the bath or shower.
Minoxidil works best if used in combination with Propecia (finasteride).
Minoxidil must be used continually and regularly to provide effective results. This means you should avoid stopping and starting. Shedding can be experienced within the first three to six months. Typically, this is a sign that the solution is working. This means you should avoid stopping the medication unless you experience adverse side effects.
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