Gettik Hair Thickening Fibers 10 g (30 days)


  • Solve thin hair immediately
  • Natural look
  • Undetectable and discreet
  • Gentle to your hair, with no harmful chemicals
  • Wind and water proof using hair fibers fixing spray.
Hair Fibers How does it work

What’s The Secret Of Hair Fibers?

The technology is based on the natural electrostatic charge these fibers carry.

You apply GETTIK after washing and drying your hair.

Simply shake the bottle above the thin-hair spots on your scalp (see the video at left).

How To Thicken Thin Hair In 30 Seconds?

When you “spread“ the bottle over these spots, thousands of natural micro-fibers cling to your hair thanks to electrostatic energy – and instantly make thinning hair nice and thick. Study: Pigmented Hair-Thickening Fibers

It’s like adding more hair to your original hair. Each of your hairs, even the thinnest ones, will
immediately become thicker and stronger.

women hair growth products effects
hair fibers transformation
gettik fibers before after

You won’t believe the difference you’ll see in only a couple of seconds.

The thin-hair spots on your scalp will be gone.

The visible scalp will disappear instantly.

GETTIK’s hair fibers will stay in your hair all day long, and even at night when you sleep. GETTIK is fully compatible with all medicaments you use.

It’s even recommendedas a supplement after a hair transplant.

Lifetime Money Back Guarantee

gettik hair fibers certificate

GETTIK is safe for even the most sensitive skin

It’s exactly like your own hair. Even the weakest hair will instantly become strong and thick.

GETTIK do not contain any harmful chemical components or additives.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gettik Hair Fibers

GETTIK is a product that uses hair micro-fibers to solve the issue of thin hair. It has seen many improvements since its inception. GETTIK is unique because of its electrostatic charge, which anchors hair more securely and offers resistance against water, wind and sweat. It also offers a more natural and richer hair-thickening effect compared to other products. When combined with the hair spray, GETTIK’s effect is perfect.

GETTIK stays in your hair until the next time you wash it. For some clients, this can be up to 1 week. GETTIK stays in your hair while you sleep. We recommend that you apply GETTIK to your hair after each washing.

It all depends on how often you use it and how thick your hair is.
On average, the 10g bottle lasts 20 – 30 days, and the 25g bottle lasts 50 – 75 days.

The water-resistant qualities of GETTIK secure resistance against water, rain and human sweat. Therefore, even with GETTIK applied, you can actively enjoy your favorite activities, even in bad weather. However, you must follow the exact application process and fix the fibers in place with the GETTIK Hold On Spray or your favorite finish or fixation spray.

You simply need to contact us at our e-mail: [email protected] with a request to return the money. Within 10 days we’ll return the money to the account you listed in your e-mail or your PayPal account. Check our site https://gettik.com/return-policy/. It’s easy. Without any question, we will return your money ASAP

Unfortunately, in this case our product can’t help you. GETTIK is designed to remove spots where the scalp is visible. To be more exact, it’s for spots where hair cover is thin, not nonexistent. Take a look at our scale to see whom GETTIK is suitable for.

Simply use our GETTIK VolumePro Shampoo or your normal shampoo. One wash is enough.

No. GETTIK is completely safe. It is designed for all types of hair, including newly grown hair after medicaments or transplantation. In this case, it creates an even more natural and perfect effect. You can continue to use your regular hair-growth support products. GETTIK is a 100% natural product.

We know it’s difficult to choose a product based only on a picture. You can find our list of shades in the BUY ORDER section under the product. If you don’t know which shade to select, it’s better to choose one that’s slightly darker than your natural hair color, or to combine the colors (the darker one first). If you order the wrong color, don’t despair. We can exchange your GETTIK order or fully refund your money within 60 days of the purchase date.

Our goal is to keep your secret in safe. Our easy online shop-system can delivery our products within a few days anywhere.

Try our 100% safe hair thickener and get your jaw-dropping transformation in seconds. Apply GETTIK to regain your self-confidence and get beautiful thick hair – anytime you want.


great product! My long hair is really fine and I'm always worried about my scalp showing, but the fibers really filled it in well!

4 years ago

Bought it for my Dad for Christmas and he's stunned and how quickly it worked!

4 years ago

works like magic!

4 years ago