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Hair loss fills us with the fear that we might lose our self-confidence. Nowadays, the internet is home to ads for various products that claim to solve this problem. If you need to deal with hair loss, you can find plenty of information about it – but also disinformation. Finding a suitable and working solution to hair loss can be a tall order, if not impossible.

Why GETTIK.com?

Gettik.com was created to provide you with advice – the best of the best, based on years of experience, struggles, tests and mistakes – from users of hair-loss products. Our goal is to help other people with hair-loss problems. We want to prevent them from making mistakes, to learn from others, and help them find a solution tailored to their needs – one that doesn’t fail to live up to the hype, but really works!

At the same time, we realise that hair care and solving hair-loss problems require time, an individual approach and a long-term investment. The hair growth cycle is a long process, and it takes just as much time to address problems, which don’t necessarily vanish when results become visible. Solving the problem is a long process, directly related to how long you leave your hair loss problem be unattended and how long it took you to seek help. Despite this reality, most of us expect that results will happen right away, and if we don’t see them in the first month after we start hair-loss therapy, we stop administering it. The result? A  big waste of money.

Everything you need under one roof

If you’re on this website, you probably crave information about, and solutions for, thinning hair and hair loss. And you’re in the right place. We struggled with the same unpleasant questions and fears that frighten you now, such as a loss of self-confidence. We made the same mistakes, and have gained priceless experience. Thanks to all this, we can objectively assess your options and guide you to choose the most suitable option for you. We cooperate with physicians, trichologists, and hair-transplant surgeons, so our website content can be reliable asset to you. What’s more, we allow visitors to communicate and share their experiences and reviews of available hair-loss treatments. To sum it up, we can help you save not only a great deal of time and energy, but also money.

We want you to learn from the helpful advice and information on this site. We want to help you find a working solution to your hair-loss problem – and give your self-confidence a boost!

The GETTIK team

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