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fight hair loss

Why fighting the thinning hair?

  • to get thicker hair back
  • to feel self-confident again
  • to be happy and comfortable

Instant help

The hair loss treatment is a long-term process. That is why we have focused on instant thickening solution – the Hair Fibers. Now getting a self-confidence back in seconds has never been easier!

Hair loss treatment

In addition, we focus on long-term solutions to the most common cause of hair loss, androgenic alopecia, which accounts for up to 90%.

* As a company with a scientific background, research and new technology are the priority for GETTIK. As a GETTIK customer you can always be sure you are providing the quality products with the latest technological advances.

Quality Approved

GETTIK products are supported by studies that confirm their effectiveness. Our main goal is to help you, not sell.

Gettik quality approved
lifetime refund

Lifetime Refund Guarantee

What we promise we want to keep. Our mission is to make you feel better. If we fail, we do not deserve a reward. How to request a refund here

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Thanks to all this, we can objectively assess your options and guide you to choose the most suitable option for you.

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