How did Elon Musk grow his hair back? 6 Options

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If you are currently reading this article, you’ve probably noticed that Elon’s hair has changed quite a lot and looks great compared to a few years ago when he was still working on the Paypal project.

Such a change gives hope to many men and women that it is indeed possible to get beautiful hair again.

We want to respect Elon’s privacy; therefore, we will not compare his before and after pictures in detail without his consent. It is a sensitive topic and we would like to approach it discreetly. It is quite easy to find many pictures online to check out the change on your own.

In this article, you will find out how to achieve such a great result – beautiful hair like Elon‘s.

We share with you what method, according to our professional team, Elon Musk used – from the least probable to the most probable.

We used our many years of experience with hair loss and re-thickening.

The list includes the latest available technologies and products.

1. Temporary hair loss – the probability of 50%

We know several causes of hair loss, which may not be hereditary, and therefore not permanent. The following are several factors that can cause hair loss:

– Stress
– Autoimmune disease
– Reaction to different types of medicines
– Lack of vitamins and nutrients
– Hormonal changes

Therefore, it may not always be androgen alopecia (hereditary), with the main cause of high DHT levels (dihydrotestosterone). Even though this is the reason for more than 90% of all types of hairloss and is permanent, this may not have been Elon’s case.

Suppose the reason of your hair loss was mentioned on the list above. After deciding on the proper diagnosis and subsequent cause removal, hair growth could resume as it did for Elon Musk.

It could also be temporary hair loss. However, this is not very likely. Elon’s hair a few years ago had a pattern of androgenic alopecia. However, we cannot rule out this possibility either, which is why we rate the probability at 50%.

2. Minoxidil – the probability of 60%


gettik minoxidil bestseller How did Elon Musk grow his hair back? 6 OptionsAs we also mention on our webpage, Minoxidil is one of the most recognized drugs for stopping or slowing down hair loss. It is also recognized and recommended by the professional public.

There are various studies on the minoxidil effects. It can restore hair growth in cases where the follicles are still alive. After long-term use, the result is well visible.

The first results are expected after 3-4 months. However, it must be used indefinitely. After stopping the treatment, hair loss will resume within a few weeks.

For men, it is available in a concentration of 5% and for women of 2%. It can be in the form of foam or lotion.

Elon Musk could have also used this supplement to restore hair growth. However, we think that in his case, it would be a significant change if it were only Minoxidil itself.


3. DHT block – the probability of 70%

propecia hair gorwth products 1 How did Elon Musk grow his hair back? 6 OptionsThe main cause of androgenic alopecia is increased levels of dihydrotestosterone in the body. Finasteride or Propecia, or the natural component of saw palmetto, blocks particularly testosterone and thus protects the hair follicles from damage and subsequent destruction.

Elon Musk could also use this method to restore hair growth. However, Propecia (1mg finasteride) or saw palmetto cannot restore hair growth in cases where the follicles are no longer active. It is designed to slow down or stop hair loss during use.

It can also strengthen weak and thin hair, so its effect is remarkable after use (at least half a year).

Elon’s hair density is excellent; therefore, we think his method couldn’t be just this one way of restoring hair growth. We consider this possibility with a probability of 70%.

4. Combination of Minoxidil and DHT blocker 80%

In our studies, we found the best results with the combination of Minoxidil and DHT blocker.

When using Minoxidil and a DHT blocker, a very effective synergic effect is created.

Minoxidil acts as an effective vasolidizer and thus helps to perfuse the hair follicles, resulting in strengthening the hair and slowing down hair loss.

The DHT blocker, in turn, prevents dihydrotestosterone from destroying hair follicles. Our team recommends natural blockers with low side effects, such as saw palmetto. Propecia or finasteride in the dose of 1mg has several side effects. Therefore you should ask your doctor if you are planning on using it.

If the cause is androgenic alopecia, then this combination has proven excellent results in long-term use.

We, therefore, evaluate it with an 80% chance that Elon Musk used it as well.

5. Hair transplantation and Elon Musk 90%

fue vs fut hair transplantIn our opinion, the most probable alternative Elon Musk could have used a hair transplant.

“Elon Musk has likely had a hair transplant done, Dr. Yates says.” link

He has enough money to afford it. Therefore, he could choose one of the best doctors’ clinics while still keeping his anonymity.

There is a controversial discussion about the type of hair transplant he could have chosen.

If you notice in some photos, Elon is an ideal type for a hair transplant. He has a relatively dense sampling (donor) area, which is the first prerequisite for a successful hair transplant. The transplantation area was not very large and therefore, he could focus on achieving maximum new hair density.

Epstein said the tech entrepreneur was a great candidate for hair transplant surgery, as “it looks like he had good hair on the back and side of his head, and those are the hairs we use for transplanting.” link

Within the FUT method, the hair density after the procedure is much more evident than with the FUE method, where it is necessary to complete several sessions in a row to achieve as good a result as Elon Musk did.

We are more into the FUT method. We also have to say that if this is the case, it is a perfect job. We estimate the probability of this treatment at 90%.

Note: Our team recommends a less invasive form and that is the FUE method.

6. Combination of hair transplantation and Hair fibers 95%

Even after an excellent hair transplant, Elon Musk can also use hair thickening fibers. They are even recommended after hair transplants to achieve an even better effect.

Microfibers are hidden in the can; they attach to even the thinnest hair strands and also transplanted ones when applied. It creates a dense hair effect that cannot be seen even when viewed closely.

Gettik Hair Thickening Fibers 10 g (30 days)

hair thickening fibers recommended How did Elon Musk grow his hair back? 6 Options

The fibers can be sprayed or in a can. The spray may seem like a better alternative, but we recommend a can. As you know, the spray has a greater reach, and

so the fibers reach the places where you do not want to have them. Also, the fibers must be pressurized in the spray to be sprayed, and it is complicated to remove them from the skin and clothing.

According to our team, the most probable method that Elon Musk could use is a combination of hair transplantation and subsequent thickening of the hair using hair thickening fibers.

We would like to point out that this is a professionally performed hair transplant without detectable traces. However, even with the best-performed procedure, we do not think that the effect would be as perfect as we see in the current photos.

Therefore, we support the theory that a hair thickener also supports his hair thickening. A quality hair thickener in combination with the correct application is almost invisible in the end.


This list is based on our experience and independent studies conducted worldwide. Elon Musk could have used another option that is not in this summary as well. We would very much like him to tell us how he managed to achieve such a great result. Maybe another project has been launched by him, which he will reveal later, and we will have to add point 7 – HairX by Elon Musk. However, until then, we have to be happy with our guess, even though we think they are almost true.

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