Gettik Hair Thickening Fibers 10g (30 days)

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Designed for Men&Women With Thin Hair

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Gettik Hair Thickening Fibers 10g (30 days)
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GETTIK is full of thousands of hair fibers.

  • Solve thin hair immediately
  • Natural look and undetectable
  • Gently to your hair, without harmful chemicals
  • Wind and water proof
  • Dermatologically tested

The technology is based on the natural electrostatic charge these fibers carry.

You apply GETTIK after washing and drying your hair.

Simply shake the bottle above the thin-hair spots on your scalp (see the video at left).

When you “spread“ the bottle over these spots, thousands of natural micro-fibers cling to your hair thanks to electrostatic energy – and instantly make thinning hair nice and thick.

It’s like adding more hair to your original hair.Each of your hairs, even the thinnest ones, will
immediately become thicker and stronger.

You won’t believe the difference you’ll see in only
Hair Fibers How does it worka couple of seconds. The thin-hair spots on your
scalp will be gone.

The visible scalp will disappear

GETTIK’s hair fibers will stay in
your hair all day long, and even at night when you
sleep. GETTIK is fully compatible with all
medicaments you use.It’s even recommendedas a supplement after a hair transplant



They thicken your hair in a few seconds

GETTIK hair thickener is a revolutionary product invented for people with thin hair.

The hair fibers in the bottle are naturally charged with electrostatic energy – like when you wash your hair, and it gets stuck on a piece of paper.

GETTIK is made of non harmful chemicals. Have an electric charge opposite to that of your hair.

After spreading, the fibers automatically attach to even the thinnest hairs. They are 3 – 5 mm long, made of natural components.


GETTIK is safe for even the most sensitive skin. It’s exactly like your own hair. Even the weakest hair will instantly become strong and thick.

GETTIK do not contain any harmful chemical components or additives.

Try the 100% gently hair thickener and dramatically change your look in seconds.

Apply GETTIK to regain your self-confidence and get beautiful thick hair – whenever you want.

gettik hair fibers certificate

Frequently Asked Questions About Gettik Hair Fiber

What makes GETTIK unique?

GETTIK is a product that uses hair micro-fibers to solve the issue of thin hair. It has seen many improvements since its inception. GETTIK is unique because of its electrostatic charge, which anchors hair more securely and offers resistance against water, wind and sweat. It also offers a more natural and richer hair-thickening effect compared to other products. When combined with the hair spray, GETTIK’s effect is perfect.


How long does GETTIK remain in hair after a single application?

GETTIK stays in your hair until the next time you wash it. For some clients, this can be up to 1 week. GETTIK stays in your hair while you sleep. We recommend that you apply GETTIK to your hair after each washing.


How long will a bottle of GETTIK last?

It all depends on how often you use it and how thick your hair is.
On average, the 10g bottle lasts 20 – 30 days, and the 25g bottle lasts 50 – 75 days.


Is GETTIK suitable for me if I’m bald?

Unfortunately, in this case our product can’t help you. GETTIK is designed to remove spots where the scalp is visible. To be more exact, it’s for spots where hair cover is thin, not nonexistent. Take a look at our scale to see whom GETTIK is suitable for.


What if my hair gets wet after I’ve applied GETTIK?

The water-resistant qualities of GETTIK secure resistance against water, rain and human sweat. Therefore, even with GETTIK applied, you can actively enjoy your favorite activities, even in bad weather. However, you must follow the exact application process and fix the fibers in place with the GETTIK Hold On Spray or your favorite finish or fixation spray.


How do I remove GETTIK from my hair?

Simply use your normal shampoo. One wash is enough.


Can GETTIK damage my hair?

No. GETTIK is completely safe. It is designed for all types of hair, including newly grown hair after medicaments or transplantation. In this case, it creates an even more natural and perfect effect. You can continue to use your regular hair-growth support products. GETTIK is a 100% natural product.


How should I select my shade of GETTIK?

We know it’s difficult to choose a product based only on a picture. You can find our list of shades in the BUY


Can I use GETTIK after my hair transplant?

ORDER section under the product. If you don’t know which shade to select, it’s better to choose one that’s slightly darker than your natural hair color, or to combine the colors (the darker one first). If you order the wrong color, don’t despair. We can exchange your GETTIK order or fully refund your money within 60 days of the purchase date.


How does the 60-day money-back guarantee work?

Yes, but no sooner than 6 months after your procedure.


Can I buy GETTIK at a “bricks and mortar” store?

You simply need to contact us at our e-mail: [email protected] with a request to return the money. Within 10 days we’ll return the money to the account you listed in your e-mail or your PayPal account. Please provide your bank account in the IBAN form, as well as your SWIFT code.




YOU Always get a natural look. GETTIK CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN! You can’t differentiate the micro hair fibers from you real hair, even from a couple of centimeters away.


GETTIK hair fibers are made from natural components that are gentle to your hair and your scalp. If you have thin hair and you tend to lose some of it, you don’t want it to get worse. That’s why you want to use safety, gentle and natural products like GETTIK.


Unlike other products, thanks to GETTIK’s special composition, its hair micro-fibers are charged with electrostatic energy with an electrostatic charge opposite to that of your hair. That’s why they stay in your hair perfectly. Wind, rain or sweat won’t wash them off.  






get thicker hair

Thin hair is a sensitive topic for everyone who is affected by it. When we look for a hair-thickening solution:

  • we just want no one to notice anything
  • we just want them to think we have thick hair

Therefore, when choosing a hair building fibers, we must pay attention to three main points to achieve natural effect A, B, C:


A. Made From The Best Material



The most important factor in a convincing natural effect is material the hair fibers are made from. This determines

other qualities of the fibers, like durability and safety.

GETTIK is made of a purely natural fibers (the plant Moroccan Gossypium Herbaceum).




B. Ideal Length Of The Hair Fibers


Details matter.
For the fibers to look as natural as it possible,
it is necessary that they are the right size.
The ideal length is 3 – 5 mm.
Again, GETTIK meets this parameter as well.


C. Only Natural Colorants



To get the best look, the color of the fibers has to match your hair

color as much as possible.

This can be achieved only by using natural colorants – just like the ones GETTIK uses.

  • You don’t need to be afraid of a getting different shade.
  • GETTIK will blend with every type of hair and instantly become invisible.


A + B + C

  • It’s almost identical to your hair, which makes for a perfect blend.
  • No one will notice anything, not even a few inch away.
  • The thickness of your hair will appear to be completely natural.

It’s like you’ve simply added more hair. This natural composition will not interfere with the sensitivity of your hair and scalp. This material naturally uses the laws of physics. It’s designed for the best possible attachment to your hair


We know how important it is to use gentle natural hair products if you suffer from hair loss or have thin, fine hair. You don’t want to burden your hair more than you need to, or irritate your scalp. Unlike other products.

  • GETTIK do not contains harmful chemicals.
  • It contains no synthetic colorants.
  • It is certified to meet the highest quality standards in the USA and in the EU.

GETTIK’s hair micro-fibers are not synthetically prepared in a laboratory. They are made of elements provided by Mother Earth. Even if you have the most sensitive scalp and lose hair, you don’t need to worry about using GETTIK. The market is full of products that are unsuitable for your hair. Some may even cause hair loss. Always be careful and buy only non chemical hair growth products that you’re sure won’t harm your hair. Avoid derivatives of keratin or other lower-quality sources.





Almost all micro-fibers attach to existing hair and create a natural thick-hair effect, without making a mess.


Micro-fibers don’t attach to hair, and most fall on the scalp.


When spraying, micro-fibers get where they’re not supposed to be (i.e., forehead, neck) and it’s difficult to wash them off.


Of course, you’d choose #1. And GETTIK meets these criteria. It uses a simple and effective method to ensure that almost all the fibers will attach to your hair – and stay there, even in bad weather or during sporting activities. The secret lies in electrostatics. As we know from physics, negative charges are attracted to positive charges (see the picture below)



electrostatic technology of the hair fibers

Now that we know the principle of electrostatics, we can discuss the secret of GETTIK. In order to better understand the technology, we’ll use a scale of positively and negatively charged particles in nature.

GETTIK is made of natural Moroccan Gossypium Herbaceum (cotton). This is the plant our fibers are extracted from. As you can see in the picture, cotton is found far away from human hair.

This makes for a perfect attachment of fibers to your hair, one that remains strong through the day.

Many similar products are made of wool (“keratin fibers“) or derivatives of keratin fibers. These are lower-quality fibers and are use to cut costs. However, in the picture we can see that these types of fiber do not have a strong enough electrostatic charge to make them cling to hair. The most important principle is ignored.

We took another route to provide you with the best quality and comfort.

GETTIK meets all of the most important principles for immediate hair thickening. It allows you to focus on the moments in your life without having to worry about your appearance. We know that hair is an important factor in self-confidence. We want for you to feel better and feel good about yourself.


During application, some fiber types can reach places they should not be – on clothes or skin. The problem comes when it’s difficult to wash them off and you’re left with a dirty forehead or t-shirt. As you can see in the video, GETTIK won’t make a mess, even on white clothing. At the same time, it won’t lose its attachment properties or its durability. It is designed to attach itself only to hair, not to skin or clothing.


All You Need To Know About Hair Fibers

The modern-day society puts too much attention and emphasis on an individual’s physical appearance. Almost everyone wants to have an almost the same look as famous celebrities on TV.

The pressure to have the ‘image’ to die for has forced many into taking drastic measures just to look impressive. Long, thick, luscious hair is one of the most commonly adored/worshiped qualities of an ideal body image.

Ideal hairstyles for women with thin hair =>

With many people (males) experiencing hair thinning and genetic hair loss, getting full, thick hair is just a dream.

To help overcome this, researchers have been able to come with a way around hair loss and hair quality through hair fiber.

Discussed below is a brief outlined of how hair fibers work, and their benefits.


Several tests and procedures must be done for one to see realistic and positive results.

First, the hair fibers are carefully attached to the scalp using natural static electricity.

They are placed on each strand of hair.

Once connected, the hair fibers are then kept in place using heavy duty hairspray among other hair styling products. This helps create the illusion of thick, lustrous hair, and style too.

The main idea behind using hair thickener is to take care of any visible signs of hair loss and hair thinning.

With the hair fibers attached to individual and available strands of hair on the scalp, one gets to enjoy the look and feel of a ‘full’ head.

They are basically made of cotton extracts, making it easier for the fibers to remain attached to hair strands for longer.

Natural static electricity only helps bond the fibers and strands together.

Hair fibers doesn’t, however, provide a permanent solution for hair thinning or hair loss.

The individual fibers can be removed when you wash the hair. This however doesn’t mean you’ll lose the hair fibers from sweating, getting wet from swimming or rain.

Shampoo is the only product with the capacity to cause the fibers to detach from individual hair strands.

Types of Hair Fibers

There are several different types in the market today. The product varies depending on the formula or ingredients used. The most common types include:

1. Moroccan Gossypium Herbaceum – 100% natural variety of cotton (Levant cotton)
2. Pure keratin fiber – Extracted from corn, plant, and wool
3. Rayon – Extracted from pulp (not pure)
4. Derivatives – from corn, wool, plant plus chemical ingredients

Each of the four types has its advantages, disadvantages, and possible side effects.

It would, therefore, be advisable to choose the most suitable one for your skin color, condition, and skin sensitivity. Here are some of the crucial factors to consider when shopping for any types of hair fibers.

1. Safety

Your safety should always come first when shopping for beauty products.

The same applies to hair fibers products. While hair thickener is meant to correct hair loss, some products could cause increased hair loss in some people, hence not recommended.

Luckily enough GETTIK made of pure organic cotton thus don’t pose such risks to your hair or scalp. You will be safer using natural hair fibers as compared to most non-natural hair thickening products on the market today.

Some of these are manufactured using synthetic products and chemical derivatives harmful to the skin and hair.

2. The Natural Look

You should only go for hair thickener with a natural look resembling your hair.

Your best bet on this would be the 100% pure organic keratin and Moroccan Gossypium Herbaceum. These are the only two products that come close to the real human hair.

Pro tip: For the best results, consider applying the hair fibers in natural sun light, and not the bathroom light.

The bathroom light is not the ideal lighting when taking such a measure, and particularly if you wish the fibers to blend in seamlessly.

3. Electrostatic fiber-bond

The individual hair building fiber needs to hold onto or stick to your hair firmly. Look for hair fiber that bonds well with your hair using natural electrostatic or triboelectric series.

4. Water Resistance

The fibers shouldn’t react in any way with water, or when exposed to the same.
GETTIK hair fibers are specially made using 100% pure Moroccan Gossypium Herbaceum. You should expect it to work instantly when attaching to your natural hair. It therefore gives you back the ‘awesome’ and full look with the thick, healthy hair strands.

The Use of hair fibers

Although hair fibers are specially designed to help restore luster and thickness in thinning hair, almost anyone can use it. Whether you suffered hair loss due to a medical procedure or chemotherapy, hair thickener will come in handy in keeping your scalp covered adequately.

In addition to this, the procedure requires little commitment and isn’t a permanent solution either.

The best of it all, you can style it however you wish and still retain the look and feel of real hair.

Individuals suffering from alopecia or receding hairlines cannot use hair thickener to correct the problem.

Although you can still use the fibers on the forehead area, the results won’t be as realistic as if it was natural hair.

The only way one can restore a receding hairline is by having a hair transplant.

Who Can Use It?

Hair fibers have really changed how people deal with hair loss.

Anyone worried about the condition or quality of their hair can use hair building fibers for almost instant results. Hair building fibers can be used to correct problems such as”

1. Hair thinning
2. Baldness
3. Receding Hairline
4. Crown on the scalp

a differetn type of application for men =>

Hair fibers provide a trusted solution for most cosmetic hair problems, hair thinning to be more specific. It’s not only help keep hair shafts in place, but also come in various shades to choose from.

It’s therefore easy for one to select a matching shade his/her hair color.

Choosing the right hair thickener also means no side effects.

You also don’t have to break the bank just to get access to these.

This is unlike the much expensive and intrusive cosmetic hair surgery procedures.

Hair fibers have made life much easier especially for those worried about their public profile.

Are There Risks Involved When Using Hair Fibers?

Not every type of hair fibers products are safe to use.

For this reason, it’s advisable to do a market research, know your skin type, as well as harmless variants in the market before investing in one.

Nevertheless, hair fibers made of pure cotton fibers are natural and safe for all. GETTIK supplies this with the assurance of zero side effects to all consumers.

Cotton fibers are natural hence no added chemicals.

How safe are hair fibers?

To many people, hair building fibers are much safer and easier to use as compared to products on the market.

The best hair thickeners are made of pure organic materials, hence pose no health risk to the consumer.

Hair thickener made of synthetic materials are also considered safe. Can also be taken off at any time should one feel uncomfortable.

You need to make an informed decision when shopping for materials. It would also be wise to consult with a specialist before trying a specific type. You even don’t have to use hair thickeners or supplements with hair fibers.

The Essentials of Hair Fibers

Hair loss is a common condition or problem with both men and women across the globe. The thought of having a hairless scalp drives most women insane, some men too. Most women have a hard time coming to terms with hair loss and will do anything just to prevent hair loss. Hair loss is also one of the leading causes of depression and stress in the modern woman today.

Hair thickener have come as a blessing for many suffering from hair loss. You can now walk the streets with your head held high thanks to the transforming benefits of hair fibers. You even get your self-confidence and drive back as these hairs have an exact look and feel as natural hairs.


The fact that hair fibers are manufactured using natural and organic products make them safe for your health, and hair health.

With the right pick, you can start enjoying the same hair fullness and thickness you once had in your youth.

In addition to this, hair fibers are affordable for everyone. Prices may however vary from one location to the other, though that it just how the market is.

GETTIK are the most recommended for all, and especially those with sensitive skin and looking for a long-lasting solution for hair loss. Order yours today.


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    Couldn’t believe,, but it really works!

  2. Peter

    My self esteem was really deep down after I have noticed my thin hair. Now this is number one product for me

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