Science Articles

How Does An Infection Start and What Are Its Effects? | GETTIK

How Do Infections Work and What Are Their Effects on the Body? From Hippocrates’s writings about the spread of disease by air, water, and places, to Egyptian papyrus paintings depicting polio, infections have been recorded throughout the ages. Epidemics we’ve...

Sweets, Salts, and Other Food Cravings Explained | GETTIK

What Do Food Cravings Mean, and How Can You Stop Them? Food cravings can come from a variety of places and mean many different things. You can crave certain foods due to medical reasons, like nutrient deficiencies. Sleep and lifestyle may also affect your food...

Chemotherapy Side Effect Remedies | GETTIK

Coping With Chemo: How to Fight Chemotherapy Side EffectsCancer is a personal and potentially intimidating topic. According to Our World in Data’s 2019 statistics on cancer, every sixth death is caused by the disease, making it the second leading cause of death in the...

Benefits of Genetic Testing | What Can Genetic Testing Tell You | GETTIK

What Information Can You Learn From Genetic Testing?The boom in genetic testing began when multiple test providers started combining their DNA genealogy packages with health packages. Sales data specifics aren’t available to the public, however, reports show that...
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