The 8 Very Best Hair Growth Oils To Regrow Your Hair Faster

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The 8 Very Best Hair Growth Oils To Regrow Your Hair Faster

Hair growth oil can be effective solution that can help to regrow hair for anyone who begins to notice that they are losing their hair. As we get older the skin can get a lot of attention and special care that will keep it from the worst effects of old age. Sometimes the hair is neglected in our efforts to preserve our physical conditions. Nevertheless, our hair is an important part of physical appearance and healthy hair is a sign of beauty.

What Conditions Do Hair Oils Help Resolve?


While many chemical stimulants are on the market and have been proven effective, they are also fraught with many side effects that most would gladly forgo. These can also decrease the health of the scalp and thin the hair causing an increased problem in the future.

On the other hand, there are many natural oils and poultices that have been found very effective and at the very least a soothing experience with no side effects. Before attempting to address a thinning scalp with ridiculous looking hair plugs or harsh chemicals, we advise you take the natural course of action and see if it can’t restore your hair too its former glorious mane.

The oils that you’re about to be introduced to are common and ones you very likely have in your home already. They will not only greatly retard hair loss but they will stimulate new hair growth. As well as helping with that condition they’re also very useful for reducing dandruff, scalp itch, and other similar or related hair issues. If you’ve tried everything else and those things have failed, you will definitely want to try these hair oils.


1. Castor Oil To Grow Your Hair


Castor oils is one of the many vegetable oils and is absorbed easily into the skin. This rich oil originated in India and is derived from the Ricinus communis plant identified with metallic green stems. This plant is native to Africa, Asia and parts of Europe as well.

Today this rich and sticky hair growth oil is used in the cosmetic industry for a wide variety of products. It has the capacity to smooth the skin, protect and moisturize as well and has many anti-aging properties due to its high Vit E content.

The most important function of this essential oils is hair growth and locals from the region swear by it. This is due to castor oil’s capacity to penetrate the dermis and epidermis and begin nourishing the hair follicles at the roots. This provides important nutrients for each hair strand but also revitalizes the follicles producing thicker stronger hair.

TIP! The best time for applying this effective hair growth oil is after a warm shower, (although you will probably want to wash the strong-smelling oils from your hair after a few hours or the following morning. You can mix one part castor oil and one part shea butter to create and effective potion.

2. Argan oil and Rosemary


Another Hair Growth Oil Solution

Here is an especially effective poultice taken from the apothecary cabinets of yore. This serum is based on Argan oils which are well-known hydrating and nourishing oils taken from the Mediterranean Argan Tree.

This has been used to treat baldness since the times of Julius Caesar and before, this is mixed with an equal part of rosemary and the two ingredients are left to infuse one another before the mixture is thoroughly rubbed into the scalp and hair.

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3. To Grow You Hair You Should Try Coconut Oil


This is one oil that you may not already have in your home but you should. It will make hair full of volume and completely restore its good health. It is an all natural conditioner and full of antioxidants and vitamin E. This oil can penetrate inside the follicles of the hair and from there will stimulate new hair growth. It helps to prevent split ends and makes hair very soft.

If you never tried coconut oil then this is a strong recommendation that you do so soon. It’s amazing that in just a few uses how significant your hair will improve and soften and you’ll see dandruff whisk away. You can find this oil in local stores and online.

Study => here

TIP! To create the “Coconut Mask of Youth” the milk of a fresh coconut is whipped into a rich foam. You can use a blender if you lack the proper ceremonial wand. Apply this foam to the scalp from one end to the other and allow this mask to soak into the scalp for the next two hours. After washing out your hair, use a quality organic coconut oil to further nourish both strand and root.

4. Garlic Hair Growth Oil


Garlic Oil has many important nutrients and benefits for a healthy head of hair. Once you get the past the smell, this potent hair growth oil will allow hair to grow faster and stronger.

TIP! To prepare this simple potion, take two cloves of garlic and crush them into a thin paste which will be combined with two tablespoons of castor oil. Allow this mixture to fester for three full days before applying it to your scalp and hair for a full two hours till the carrier oils has fully introduced the nutrient to the scalp. You will then need to shower well to get this smell from your hair and head.

5. Grapeseed Oil To Grow Your Hair


Grapeseed is another hair growth oil that has been in the cosmetics and beautification industry since the times of Cleopatra and is perfect for controlling frizzy hair and strengthening brittle dry hair. This oil can be applied daily and liberally to the hair and scalp for an all-day potion/protector. It is scentless so works well for a discreet treatment option that can be worn to the office.


6. Tea Tree Oil


There are many different skin conditions that can affect hair growth and scalp health. If you are suffering from excessive sebum, seborrhea dermatitis or any kind of fungal growth, tea tree oil will clear that up in a hurry.

This potent oil can also address conditions of dandruff and flaking dry skin. Remember that essential oils can be especially strong and tea tree oil is a natural antibacterial, antiseptic, antifungal and disinfectant. Direct contact with tea tree oil can actually cause a bad reaction in the skin.

TIP! With this in mind you will want to add your tea tree oil into a carrier oil or some other solution. You could add a drop or two into your shampoo when you shower each night. 10 to 20 drops should be more than enough for a 100ml bottle. You can also add your tea tree oil to another carrier oil like lavender oil or coconut oil and apply to the hair and scalp for two hours before washing well.

Furthermore, Tea Tree Oil makes an excellent remedy for lice and preventing lice while visiting tropical regions where the condition is more prominent. To take advantage of this benefit, combine a few drops of tea tree oil with a couple tablespoons of vegetable oil and rub gently into the hair.


7. Olive oil: Popular Hair Growth Oil


Among the many natural hair care products and recipes that can be used to promote better hair growth, olive oil is one of the very best. There are several reasons this natural oil has been used to treat many health conditions of the skin and hair.

The first reason is that it diminishes the occurrence of hair loss. Some people with a higher amount of DTH an androgen hormone, will naturally lose less hair. Olive oils is known to replenish this hormone in the scalp and this can inhibit hair loss.

Olive oil contains antioxidants like Vit E these have been known to slow the aging process in many cells as well better circulation of blood which also leads to better health. This is actually a problem that many harsh chemical ingredients can aggravate. Olive oil is a natural moisturizing agent and has profound benefits for the skin and hair follicles.

TIP! Olive oil can be sued as an after-shower hair treatment as well as an all-day protector. If you will be using a harsher oil like tea tree oil, olive oil is mild enough to act as a carrier oil.

8. Shea butter oil


Shea butter is a native plant of Africa and is often used in the cosmetics and hair industry. Frizzy hair and curly hair can be difficult to dry and will often require a deeper acting form of hydration. This is the type of benefits that are found in the Shea butter solution. This is another compound that works a lot like Sebum that spreads fast and works through the skin. To treat the hair inside and out.

Shea butter can also be used to treat damaged hair caused by chemical solutions and electrical appliances. Shea butter is the best option for the scalp and softens the skin and moisturizes the scalp. It is also easily absorbed into the skin and does not block the pores.

It will be important to look for a quality product when you are searching for the ideal product. Look for the 100% shea butter found in specialties and read the contents carefully. The fact is shea butter is sold solid but melts at relatively low temperatures.

TIP! The best time to apply the treatment is after a warm shower. Melt a little of the shea butter in your hands and this will soften the butter into a smooth consistency and make it a bit more manageable. After your hair is thoroughly treated, wrap a warm towel around your head and allow the treatment to stand for a full 30 minutes.

Here is another tried and proven shea butter Recipe straight from Great-Grandmother’s Medicine cabinet:

–1 Tsp Olive Oil
–1 Tsp of Melted Shea Butter.
— 1 ½ Tbsp Natural Organic Yogurt (unsweetened)
–1 Tbsp Natural Organic Honey
–1 Beaten Egg

TIP! Allow this mixture to warm up at a low heat stirring until the mixture is completely combined. This can be applied to warm damp hair after a good shower and allowed to work its magic for a half an hour to overnight. Wash off after the treatment period is completed.

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