How To Regrow Hair? 20 Best Natural Tips That Work

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If you are interesting on how to regrow hair, this is your guide. Hair loss is a fear of any individual. The thing about hair loss is that you don’t notice it until it’s too late. Losing hair can cause severe self-esteem issues and even depression in some cases. While hair does not have a lot to do with skin, hair loss can make you look older. A receding hair line is often considered a sign of aged look in men. For women, hair loss can lead to thinner looking hair with no volume, thus reducing its appeal. 

Hair loss can be battled with several remedies. Celebrities commonly indulge in hair reconstruction, hair extensions and consume several clinically developed drugs to induce hair growth. However, there are over a dozen natural remedies that help with hair regrowth. The best part is that they don’t come with side effects or expensive tags. Here are 20 of the best guaranteed measures on how to regrow hair:

1. Hair Massage Help Your Hair To Grow


A hair massage is one of the simplest hacks to ensure good hair regrowth. Typically massages help in improving the circulation of the scalp. Here, when you massage your scalp you will be activating your hair follicles. By improving the circulation amongst hair follicles, you will be stimulating hair growth.

You can massage your scalp for about 5-10 minutes about twice a week. Many individuals prefer massages without oil. However, using an essential oil may come with combined benefits. For example, you could use coconut or almond oil to condition your hair during a massage. Always remember not to massage too roughly as this may weaken your hair roots.

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2. How To Regrow Hair With The Right Comb


The best way to ensure hair regrowth is to stop habits that promote hair fall. Many people do not realize that using the wrong comb directly affects hair fall. It is common to witness a little hair fall each time your brush your hair. But when you use the wrong comb you are likely to lose more hair.

A plastic comb or a closely packed comb can stress on your hair while combing, thus causing hair fall. A wide toothed comb, especially a wooden one will prevent this from happening. You may want to give the rest of the styling objects a rest. Using a rolling brush also increases your chances of hair fall. To prevent weak roots and hair fall, stick to a wide toothed comb.


3. Herbal Rinse


Switch your shampoo bottles with a herbal rinse. No matter how expensive your shampoo is, it will contain a tonne of chemicals. While they give results in terms of shine and texture, they stunt hair growth. If you want to know how to regrow hair, it is by using the right products.

You can buy several herbal rinses from an organic cosmetic shop. Otherwise, you can easily make one at your home. There are several DIY herbal rinses available online. The best combination of rinses usually include chamomile, green tea, hibiscus extract, lavender oils etc. Use the rinse twice or thrice a week instead of a shampoo. These rinses directly come in contact with your hair and scalp. Hence, your scalp can absorb the nutrients more effectively.


4. If  You Want To Regrow Hair, Hydrate


Drinking water for good hair and skin is an age old saying. If you want lustrous hair then water is your way to go. Make sure you drink at least 6-8 glasses of water a day. By hydrating your body, you also improve the circulation of blood to your scalp. This helps in keeping cells in the scalp and hair follicles active and energized.

5. Hair wash regularly


Washing your hair or rinsing your hair regularly also plays an important role in hair regrowth. If you have oily skin or tend to sweat a lot then you must have more frequent hair washes. When dirt accumulates on your hair it reduces the shine and liveliness. However, when the same settles on your scalp, it blocks pores thus slowing the process of hair regrowth.

It is very important to maintain a clean scalp for hair regrowth.


6. Hairstyles


If you want to enable good hair regrowth then you should make a few changes to your hair styles. Avoid any hair style that brings your hair together and clasps it tight. Ponytails, buns and tight intricate braids fit this category. By tugging your hair too much, you put extra strain on the roots. Eventually your hair roots will get weaker and your hair starts falling out easily.

Avoid such hair styles as much as you can. You must try your best to make sure that you don’t strain your strands too much. If you are used to styling your hair often, then the only remedy here is to go easy on the tugging. Let your mane flow freely. More here:

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7. Air drying to Hair Drying


Hair dryers often end up distributing uneven heat or excess heat. (Study here) Though many dryers come with a cool shot option, the heat delivered is enough to cause damage. Whenever you are not in a hurry, try to air dry. This way you won’t be drying out your scalp and ruining the moisture balance. Air drying also helps in hair regrowth because you are not damaging the scalp.


8. Sensible Styling


Styling tools such as curl irons or straighteners often come with damaging heat settings. The best you can do is to not style your hair when it is already falling too much. However during your process for regrowth, use sensible styling equipment. Hair straighteners can make your hair appear longer but thinner. Curls look voluminous on the other hand. You can opt for heat less styling options that come with minimal to no damage to the hair.


9. Citrus Power


Consuming citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons can greatly promote hair growth. The vitamin C present in these items directly appeals to the hair follicles. What is more, vitamin C effectively works against oxidative stress, which can be the major contributor of hair loss.  Many individuals have reported an increase in hair growth and a decline in hair fall once they included more citrus fruits.


10. Eat clean


Avoiding fatty substances causes an overall improvement in health. Hair is nothing but an extension of our body. What we eat is what causes the appearance of our hair. If you consume more protein then you are likely to have shiny locks. If you consume fruits and veggies with more water content then you will have a balanced scalp. Eating clean and right benefits your hair in ways you don’t know, starting with hair regrowth.

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11. Banana Pack


Banana packs are a famous trend amongst many women. Bananas are known for their nourishing and moisturizing properties. When it comes to applying it on the scalp, bananas are expected to do the same thing. Bananas are loaded with potassium and while applied on the scalp, improve the scalp’s conditions. Dandruff, dry skin etc. can be cured with a banana pack.

Take one or two bananas based on your hair length and blend them. You can even use a fork to mash them. Apply a little olive oil to the mixture and blend further. When you get a thick paste, apply carefully all over your hair and scalp. Leave for 30-45 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.


12. Hot Oil Therapy


Oil massages are hands down the best way to pamper your senses and your hair. Applying hot oil on the hair and scalp is known to moisturize and condition your hair. Similarly, on the scalp it is said to open hair follicles that stimulate regrowth. Hot oils massages are definitely more effective as they are absorbed faster. Heat a tablespoon of coconut, jojoba or olive oil and apply it to your hair. Alternatively, you can add a few drops of essential oils too. Peppermint or lavender essential oil prevents dryness of the scalp and hence can be mixed with the hot oil.

Apply the oil on your hair and scalp, massaging it gently. Wrap a towel dipped in hot water around your hair so you can seal the moisture. Shampoo and rinse thoroughly after an hour.


13. Onion Juice


Onion juice is popular worldwide for inducing hair growth. Blend a few onions and squeeze out the juice. Apply the juice on the scalp and on areas with receding hair. Leave for a minimum of 20 minutes and rinse. Onion juice has been known to have helped in treating alopecia in the scalp.

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14. Stay Stress Free


One of the main reasons for hair fall is stress. If you want to know how to regrow hair then it is a good excuse for you to let down your guard and take a chill pill. Unwind and relax when you feel stressed out by doing something fun and easy. Surround yourself with good vibes. If you are stressed then remember not to touch your head at all. Studies have shown that several individuals under stress fiddle with their hair. This too leads to hair fall. More about Hair Growth Oil

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15. Get Good Sleep


The time our body secretes growth hormones and other hormones is during the night. So make sure you are always asleep from the period of 11-3. You need to sleep a minimum of 7 hours to wake up with a fresh and happy mood. A lighter mood in the morning promotes great skin and hair length.

Getting a decent amount of sleep is known to decrease greying of hairs and hair fall. So hit the bed and hit snooze till you reach the 7 hour mark.

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16. Organic Colors


Avoid using artificial hair colours. Even the most expensive saloon treatments could be ruining your hair. When it comes to colouring, even when it is as simple as high lights, make sure you go for organic colours. Even if the stylist is too careful not to apply it on your scalp, the colour bleeding from your hair may come in contact with your scalp during hair wash.

Organic colours do not possess harmful chemicals that ruin your hair in the long run. Besides, when you have an option to go organic it is better to embrace the change and go with it. Henna is a known element for naturally colouring your hair. The best part is that you can add colours too. Several DIY instructions suggest using strained tea leaves to give a brown tone to the hair. Likewise, you can find one for almost any shade.

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17. Don’t stay sweaty


When you are working out at the gym or going for a swim, chances are you are going to have a lot of dirt. Be it sweat from working out or chemicals from the pool, you need to wash up quickly. This way your scalp is free of extra elements. Sweat leads to clogging pores while chemicals down right go up to causing baldness.

When you go for a swim or work out, shower as quickly as possible. Use a mild herbal shampoo to rinse your hair.


18. Wet Care


One of the best ways to regrow hair is to not interfere with wet hair. The rules are simple- Don’t tie or braid wet hair; don’t comb wet hair; don’t rub the wet hair too hard on the towel. Do not rub your scalp to dry when it is still wet. Taking care of your hair while it’s wet goes a long way in providing strong roots for hair regrowth.


19. Omega 3s


Omega 3s are the best hair problem solver of the century. Since they are loaded with nutrients, they help in enabling growth and regrowth of your hair. Consume a lot of fish instead of depending on store bough supplements. You will see a visible change in a few weeks.

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20. Avoid the Sun


Avoid the sun from directly falling on your hair or scalp. Direct sunlight may cause irritation and itching or dryness of the scalp. This in turn affects the balance of the scalp.

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You can protect your head with a hat or a scarf during summer.

The sun’s rays cause cancer, making us run for sunscreen. Likewise, run for a good serum and a mask before things get too hot.


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